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I basically built a witch castle, in the form of a living room
with amazing stylist, right next to my husbands tattoo shop
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that has wine..
and a courtyard.
and my pomeranian alpha [ yea, I'm that girl. ]



*card is required to hold your appointment, new rules.
*your card will not be charged unless you NO show or cancel within 24 hrs.

*authorizing your card to be stored is..
- to use desired card at checkout
- to pay a deposit
- book faster with your information already saved.

IF you do not know which service/services to pick
please email me.

New clients who desire a color or extension service MUST book a consultation first.
A consultation is not required for haircuts or treatments.

please read the captions
i made them funny as fuck
and explanatory
so it was easier for you guys
to choose the right service.

6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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3:30 PM - 10:00 PM
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3:30 PM - 10:00 PM

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Our Services

New Client Color Consultation
Your consult is free Day of your consultation I will take a 50$ deposit to reserve your appointment🖤 Bring pictures for me🙏🏻
1/$30 • 2/$50 • $75 whole tooth Please leave a note how many Swarovski you wantttt #bling
New Client Extension Consultation
Beautiful Braidless sew ins. No braids just beads. and some bombass Bellami hair. bring pictures, we'll color match your hair, and set your appointment. A required deposit day of will be used to order your hair. everyone is different, depending on color and length. #bootylength
Wash Blowout and style
oh you fancy huh, or you just love my 4 day blowouts, dont worry i won't tell anyone.
Womens Wash Cut Blowout
The full shebang, even includes a mini treatment 🖤
Womens Dry Cut
Straight to the point no wash, no dry. just sculptures people.
Womens Pixie Cut
Faux hawk, tight. Just kidding, i love pixie cuts, especiallly textured ones. bring pictures.
Dust Trim
teeing tiny little baby trim, teeny. like this *pinches bedazzled nails to a tiny reference* now if you need a full on haircut, or we are changing layers etc ect. thats a whole ass haircut, so book that.
Bang Trim
lets bang it out! [ stop, that was funny ]
Mens Cut
whether faux hawk, mullet, or fade, run it. includes cut wash and style now ask yourself, do you have a unibrow? does your beard need love. click it or ticket bud.
Men’s Beard & Brow Maintenance
Clean lines, no split ends, and most unibrow. dont worry, i do this all the time.
Men’s Edge up
need a quick refresh? got you.
Ive had mine for 10yrs, yes its still cool, no seriously, its hot in FL! if you want a design [ click other option ]
Undercut with Design
i usually make up some pretty cool shit, but if you have a picture, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED
Root Retouch
F$%! Roots includes a mini treatment, my treat, and blowout
Oh so everything I do is amazing...and you trust me with your life, or you just Got divorced... maybe you woke up and was like......fuck it cammie has my back.. Tight. I get to do any color any cut [anything], that I want. I mean, yu have to walk around saying that I did it. Don’t worry, mamas got you...Fineapple. *fixed price
All Over Color
Single color, roots to ends baby. also includes a mini treatment and blowout
Natural Color Melt
root smudge/ blend into balayage/ombre' with toner and blowout blendy blendyyyyyyyy!
Natural Color Melt Retouch
root smudge/retouch [ because the pattern is already bomb... ] with toner, mini treatment on ends and blowout [ if you want to go lighter on your ends please select the original color melt option ]
Balayage / Ombre'
leaving your natural base, lifting a customized pattern, toner and blowout
Balayage / Ombre' Retouch
still leaving your natural base, scooting your existing balayage/ombre pattern up, toner and blowout **i always suggest a treatment with this service for previously lightened hair to replenish it.
Babylights / Balayage
Keeping your natural base, balayage on the underneath for depth, with a half head babylights [ remember this technique take times but is totally worth it } for a seamless grow out period, toner and blowout
Babylight Mini
Typically for my short hair clients, men who wants to add a little something something, and on occasion, to brighten up longer haired clients crown area. includes toner and blowout
Need a pick me up for dull ends? this is your best bet. includes a blowout [ pairs well with a trim, girl. dont be scared. ]
All Over Lift
Oh damn you wanna be blonde blonde. or just a brighter one.. includes a toner and blowout I'm making this include olaplex, get over it. its good for you.
Root Lightener
Ideal for my blonde bombshells,includes toner and blowout. Remember dont wait too long between one likes a black hole. *pairs well with the hyrdatriplex treatment, hydrate #selfcare
Vivid Color Melt
Root blend /smudge into balayage/ombre' with single vivid overlay. [ let me know color choice in additional notes ] also if you want more than one color, click the 2 or 3+ vivids additionally...
Vivid Color Melt Retouch
root smudge/retouch [ because the pattern is already bomb... ] with single vivid overlay [ if you want to go lighter on your ends to change or brighten your vivid please select the original vivid color melt option ] [ let me know color choice in additional notes, and dont forget if you want more than one color click to add the additional vivids ]
All Over Vivid
SO, we gonna make you blond blond, and then annnnnnnnnny color you want. depending on how you lift... dont worry, you can definitely have violet / purple if all else fails. [ let me know your goal color in additional notes ] and remember to click additional vivids if you want more than one color.
All Over Vivid Retouch
Lighten those roots, and beam you back up to your natural color [ i won't tell anyone if doesn't grow out of your head that color ] [ click additional vivids, if you got brave and wanna be a skittles wrapper, I'm into it. ]
Vivid Overlay
its kinda like getting a toner, but a really bright one. [ tell me your color choice in additional notes ] includes wash and blowout
Vivid Overlay 2+ Colors
well i mean you might at well choose 3+ ha, just kidding..unless your gonna do it. [ let me know the colors in additional notes ] wash and blowout included
Vivid overlay 3+ Colors
THATS RIGHT, you FINEASS MERMAID. wait, can i cuss on here? [ let me know your color choices in additional notes ] includes wash and blowout
Color removal
Stubborn color debri? Lingering "professional'' vivid color? clean it up! low level lift to maintain health and integrity! PSA PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER WHAT THE F$%! YOU USED, and let me know, so your hair doesn't fall out when we lift it, lol no but seriously. ** treatment recommended with this service
Extra Length
Don't ask me if your hair is long, you know if your hair is long, this adds in some extra time and an extra bowl of color for your LONG ass hair.
Olaplex Treatment
This sh%$ it like double sided tape for compromised hair. especially my blonde blondes.
Olaplex #2
Can be added in for vivid overlays, or at the bowl for some serious love.
Hydra Triplex Treatment
Hydration and shine, period. last about 2-4 weeks.
Kera Triplex Treatment
Smoothing and shine up to 80%, last 2-4 weeks
Brazilian Blowout
LET ME TELL YOU, this is f&%king amazing. Literally, just google it. 3 months, no Frizz, faster blowdry, smoothing, shine, sealant. did i mention it last 3 months?
Men’s Brozilian
yes, men can get Brazilians too. wait, we are talking about the blowout right?
Lash Lift and Tint
oh you want all the lash love. its bomb, you'll love it.
Brow Tint
i literally make mine black all the time, dont worry... ill match your natural base, unless your trying to get weird..
Brow Maintenance
Archy Archy, this is literally one of my favorite services to do.
Lip Wax
mustachiNOOOOOOOOO. [ see what i did there ? ]
Extension Installation
First time Installation, making your row pattern where your extensions will live for the next 4-5wks. ALSO** if its been over 6wks for your maintenance, i will do a complete reinstall [ dont want it to dread up ] sorry its my rules.
Extension Maintenance 3-5wk
This should be super easy, scootch. A few may be loose, thats normal. however if a whole track is out, your crazy woman! Just kidding it happens from time to time... we can fix it. [ 1-2 wk issues are on me, so we can figure out whats happening, please message me is that is the case, or call the salon. ]
Extension Maintenance 6wks+
go read the Extension Installation. yeah, that part.
Extension Removal
wanna take a break? or see how long your hair has gotten? we can do that, includes removal, with scalp and hair treatment. PSA if you have some crazy ass extensions in your hair that you need out, please make a consultation with me, so i can see what were working with, and see if i can help! [ dont ask, I've seen some shit. ]
Tape in Installation
I PREFER not to do this type of extension, but i have a select few. message for confirmation.
Gift cards
They can be emailed right to you, make sure to call the salon after your purchase, I offer % off for you... for gifting them ;] see, we all win.

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