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Initial Evaluation (GKcomplete/Dragavon Training Methods)

Explanation of process, theories, and philosophies tailored to you and your goals.Introduction of biomechanical evaluation, a joint by joint screen/assessment of your muscular system.Beginning stages/creation of a plan for you to achieve your goals.

Price Varies · 55 minutes

Muscle System Treatment

Let’s get the muscular system working better. For improvements in mobility, decreased tightness, and decreased pain, we need your muscular system to work at a more efficient level to provide stability and improve joint motion. We can do this through teaching appropriate muscle contraction through strategic efforts on a massage table or with exercise.

Price Varies · 55 minutes

Muscle System Enhancement

Price Varies · 55 minutes

Muscle System Evaluation + Enhancement Strategies

How can you help this process? Let’s strategically enhance and micro progress weakened areas so the entire system works better. This will include exercises that you will be responsible for doing. You can take control of your current situation and improve your quality of life.

Price Varies · 1 hour 20 minutes

GKcomplete Gym Session

Price Varies · 55 minutes

GKcomplete Field Session

Price Varies · 1 hour 50 minutes


Benjamin Dragavon