ScribeTribe by Bridge 17

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Open today until 8:00 PM

Our Services

A/V Technician
Onsite audio visual technician.
Rent Entire Space Weekday
Rent the space, loft office, speak space, and cafe area. Per 4 hours.
Saturday Casting Call
6-hour block for casting calls. This rate covers the lobby and upstairs loft.
Screening with Press Junket
Includes Speak Space and Upstairs loft for press interviews. As well as a technician on-site for the duration of the screening for 6 hours, $125 for each additional hour.
Film/TV Screenings
Small Meeting Event
Meet with your team of fewer than 10 people in the upstairs loft.
Speak Space
Suited for classes, workshops, screenings, panel discussions, or any oration with audience style event. Seats up to 50 people. A technician is required.
Table Read
Table read for 25 guests.

Our Staff