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9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

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Our Services

Exotic Elite Detail Full - TRUCK/VAN/SUV
Sort Through And Seperate Personal Belongings And Trash
Exotic Elite Detail Full - Car
Supreme Detail Full -TRUCK/VAN/SUV
Supreme Detail Full - Car
Sell My Car Detail -TRUCK/VAN/SUV
Sell My Car Detail - Car
Express Detail Full - TRUCK/VAN/SUV
light and quick cleaning and protecting on well kept vehicles
Express Detail Full - CAR
Light and quick Cleaning and protecting on well kept vehicles
Mini Detail - TRUCK/VAN/SUV
Mini Detail - Cars
(Interior Only) Exotic Elite Interior Detail- TRUCK/VAN/SUV
(Interior Only) Exotic Elite Interior Detail - CAR
(Interior Only) Supreme Interior Detail - TRUCK/VAN/SUV
(Interior Only) Supreme Interior Detail - Cars
(Interior Only) Express Interior Detail - TRUCK/VAN/SUV
(Interior Only) Express Interior Detail - Cars
(Exterior Only) Exotic Elite Exterior Detail - TRUCK/VAN/SUV
(Exterior Only) Exotic Elite Exterior Detail - Cars
(Exterior Only) Supreme Exterior Detail - TRUCK/VAN/SUV
(Exterior Only) Supreme Exterior Detail - Cars
(Exterior Only) Express Exterior Detail - TRUCK/VAN/SUV
(Exterior Only) Express Exterior Detail - Car
(Add on) Trico Windshield Treatment
Windshield water proofing. Helps visibility during rain and snow. Lasts 4-6 months
(Add On) Engine Detail
Add this service to any exterior or full detail package. De-grease, Pressure wash, and Dress upper engine compartment.
(Add On) Odor Removal Service
Chemical fogging of interior. Destroys bacteria, Smoke and other odors. By fogging method, the chemical gets deep into fibers. A/C vents and every nook and cranny. Destroys odors at the source.
(Add On) Fabric Protection
Now that your carpets and upholstery are clean, Make sure you keep them protected! OUR FABRIC PROTECTION: Creates an invisible shield to repel water and stains Bonds with fibers preventing odors that linger to penetrate fibers, working as a odor shield against unpleasant odors Helps carpet and upholstery stay clean longer by increasing fiber durability; blocks against harmful UV rays that rapidly deteriorate fabrics Ozone friendly; meets California's air quality standards Will not harm automotive finishes, chrome, trim, glass, vinyl, rubber or plastic windows
(Add on) Pet Hair Removal
(Add On) Glare 5 Year Paint Protection Service
Never wax your vehicle again. Protect your paint with glassiplexin for up to 5 years
(Add On) Faded Molding Re-Dye
(Add on) Restoration of Faded or worn Leather Seats
Car Wash Package - TRUCKS/VANS/SUVS
Outside Wash Rims and tires cleaned and dressed Vacuum floor mats Upper dash dusting front cup holder wipe down Windows Cleaned
Car Wash Package - Cars
Outside Wash Rims and tires cleaned and dressed interior vacuum upper dust dusting windows cleaned front cupholder wipe down
Weekly and Bi-Weekly Wash Package
Headlamp Restoration w 3 month warranty
3 month warranty form hazing and yellowing
Headlamp Restoration w/ 3 year warranty
Headlamp restoration with 3 year warranty. Warranty from yellowing and hazing on outside of headlamp lens. Clear coat add on protection for headlamps.
Headlamp Restoration Lifetime warranty
Headlamp Restoration with lifetime warranty Headlamp warranty includes yellowing, hazing and rock chip protection. headlamp restoration plus clear coat protection plus headlamp protection clear film add on.
Paint/Scratch Repair
Rim Repair
Repair Curb Rash on Painted wheels Please call us and send us a picture of your wheels before scheduling to make sure we are capable of repairing and painting your wheel.
Odor Removal Service without interior or full Detail.
Find and clean the odor source. Then Chemical fogging of interior. Destroys Bacteria, Smoke and other odors. Our fogging process lets the the chemical gets deep into fibers. A/C vents and every nook and cranny. Destroys odors at its source
Restoration of Faded or worn Leather Seats Per seat
Engine Detail - W/O Detail
Interior flood carpet drying
-Pick up carpet edges -vacuum water on floor boards , bottom instillation under carpet & on top of carpet -shampoo carpets -odor fogging interior
Touch up
Sanded scratches on left side headlamp
Ozone mold treatment
Ozone generator is ran for 1 hr at 5500 ppm to kill live mold spores. Then vehicle is chemically fogged for sanitizing purposes
5 year Glare (add on)

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