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Heather Irvine is a Clincal Herbalist offering health consultations in Boston.
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Our Services

Free initial information session
This is an approximately 15 minute call or meeting at my office during specified times that gives you a chance to find out more about the process and whether my services are what you are looking for and whether they can work for you.
Initial Consultation
These are generally 60-90 minutes long though we can work with a 60 minute block in person, plus a little bit of correspondence before or after via phone or email, if that is what your schedule allows. Ideally you will have filled out the initial intake form which can be downloaded at before hand and returned it to me or you will bring it with you. If you are unable to do this ahead of time not to worry as I will have one for you and we will work with the most important parts. In this session we will go over your main health concerns and formulate a health plan that you can begin after this first meeting. $65. Deals available in February to promote a new location!
Sliding Scale Initial Consultation
If you are in need of a reduced appointment fee I am able to accommodate some appointments on a sliding scale rate. If you are interested in this option please schedule using this option and email me to confirm. As with the regular initial consultations, we can work with 60 minutes in person and a little bit of preparation and/or follow up over the phone or email at another time, if that is what your schedule allows. Please see to fill out the initial intake form or ask me to mail it to you if you prefer.
Initial Consultation for Two
For even better value, get a 60-90 minute consult/info session for you and a loved one, friend or care taker, parent/child. While this is not a conventional offering, it has arisen as a popular choice in my practice as partners joined to find out more, get questions answered or support their loved one or to understand the basis of a particular approach. As with the other initial appointments please find the initial intake form on the website: Please let me know if you think two of you will be attending. If the secondary participant is curious about becoming a client you may want to both fill out the form before this appointment. Please note that $85 is the introductory rate for early 2017.
Regular Follow Up Appointment
Usually it is a good idea to block out about 45 minutes for a follow up appointment in one or two weeks from your first appointment at least until routines have been established. This gives us a chance to actually get deeper and implement next steps of your personalized plan as well as clarify any questions or observations you have made since starting the initial most fundamental parts of your plan. It also gives us a chance to address secondary or acute complaints during the same follow up visit.
Short Follow Up Appointment
Half hour follow up appointments are available for the very busy person who is willing to be succinct in their follow ups or wants to schedule frequent check ins.
15-20 Minute Follow Up
15-20 Minute follow up to another consultation. Maintenance to adjustment of a current plant, reporting back, ongoing care and coaching.

Our Staff

Heather Irvine