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Dream of Dréa Productions serves to be culturally responsible in the production of feature films, theatrical events, television programming, and online content.
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Our Services

Production consultant
Whether your production is through the mediums of film, television, or theatre, and special events, Dream of Dréa will discuss the process of upholding the artistic integrity of a project and the logistics involved in manifesting the vision.
Mathematics of Acting Workshop
Mathematics builds analytical skills. So does working through scene study: how to set tasks, as well as seeing the point of the situation. The tasks of this workshop include developing the ability to create the framework of given circumstances and relationships, and living-playing imaginatively within them. Participants will build relationships with writing/scene partners through the practice of partnering exercises. Channeling work (face, body and voice), and handling dialogue confidently and competently is also part of this workshop. Participants will receive a copy of the “Mathematics of Acting: A Workbook”. By the end of the session, attendees should be able to present a setting, a relationship, beat changes, the problem of the scene, and solution. $75 per participant, minimum of 5.
Private Coaching
To do what many dream about is talent, to do what talent dreams about is genius... In a private coaching session, the goal is to help your genius live out its dream. Learning goals include developing flexibility in the use of the channels of expression in voice, body, and face; knowing specific feeling and be able to shift states of consciousness at will; building analytical skills
All the world’s a stage, and the workplace is not to be discounted. It may not be obvious to management and employees how actions may be misconstrued, but by demonstrating through acting, concepts such as Customer Relations, Diversity Training, and Team Building can be crystallized. Incorpor-ACT! specifically targets corporate professionals, as fundamentals of acting are used to anticipate office conditions and positively influence an outcome. Employees test their skills against challenges faced in reality. Original scenes can also be written to illustrate the subtleties of an issue. Example scenarios include: Interpersonal communications, Team building, Diversity, Interviewing, Customer Relations, etc. This is not a sit down and read Powerpoints class. Participants are highly advised to wear comfortable shoes. $75 per participant, minimum of 5.
Emcee, panelist, keynote speaker
Dream of Dréa will tailor a message and capture your audience’s attention at your event.

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