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Booking options, location, are all displayed below. We offer sports, neuromuscular, and clinical massage. This is massage that will get you moving again.
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Our Services

Nintey Nine In November
Our signature service is on available at a special price for the month of November. This is the perfect session to address a deeply rooted problem or as a maintenance routine to keep issues at bay.
Quick Fix 30 Minutes
Got a kink in your back, needles in your neck, guitar string hammies, or another complaint that’s ruining your day? This high-intensity spot treatment is the answer. Book with Kayla or Josh
The Basics 60 Minutes
This is the session to start with if you have an issue that has been nagging you for a while. An hour will allow us to completely address a problematic area. This session is ideal for people suffering from back pain, migraines, or looking to optimize for a sport.
Complete Recovery 90 Minutes
This session is perfect for people with neck, shoulder, or back pain because these are generally complicated issues that require both broad and detailed work. This session will also work for people looking to tackle above average stress or anxiety problems.
Total Body Reset 120 Minutes
As everyone knows the worst part of a massage is the end. This session offers a window of time that allows for detailed muscle work as well as deep mental relaxation. Intensity is always tailored to you. This session can be a meat grinder, a blissful escape, or a little of both.
The Warrior Session 3 Hours
Reward the Warrior Within!! This is a single bodywork session that is unlike anything you have ever experienced. It is not for the faint of heart. We use a combination of deep and varied treatments across the entire body. You may need help to the car after this one. ***Spot treatments with Charlotte's Web is included in this session.***

Our Staff

Josh has been called a "back whisperer" by many of our clients. He is an anatomy nerd with a background in nursing. He has extensive experience in medical interventions and sports rehabilitation. Josh's wheelhouse includes chronic pain relief, spine and back issues, injury recovery, joint replacement issues, and sports optimization.
Kayla believes massage is a vital part of health maintenance and plays a pivotal role in performance and injury recovery. Her specialty is athletes, weekend warriors, and stay at home parents who need to recharge.