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Booking options, location, are all displayed below. We offer sports, neuromuscular, and clinical massage. This is massage that will get you moving again.
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Our Services

Trigger Point Session
This is a specialized session and is our most intense offering. We use ischemic compression (very direct pressure) to reset chronically activated nerves and relax painful muscle tissue. This "release" allows the pain inducing metabolic wastes to be swept away and provides long lasting relief. If you have NEVER HAD A MASSAGE this may NOT be the best first session for you.
I've Never Had a Massage Before
Never had a massage and not sure what all the fuss is about? Don't want to get naked in a room with a stranger? No worries, we know massage can seem weird if you've never had one. This session is done FULLY CLOTHED (activewear is awesome)
Spot Treatment 30 Minutes
This is a focused session designed to help with little annoyances like headaches, tweaked backs, or hamstrung hammies. This session treats one area only.
The Big Fix 60 Minutes
You have found our MOST POPULAR session. Your session includes a balanced approach consisting of detailed work and broader treatment. It can also be used for longer focused work. How does a one hour neck and head massage sound?
Deep Recovery 90 Minutes
You want this session if you are "always on" and have both physical and mental stress that are hard to get rid of.This is the session most clients would call "perfect" because it doesn't ever feel too short. Deep recovery is a favorite for RN's, teachers, doctors, and stay at home parents!
Full Body Reset 120 Minutes
This is the ULTIMATE session. You want this session if you only get massages once and a while or want your whole body addressed in detail. This one can feel like a meat grinder, a blissful retreat, or a bit of both. It's matched to what you want.

Our Staff

Josh is the owner and primary therapist at SCI. He is an anatomy nerd with a background in nursing and cadaver dissection . Josh's wheelhouse includes chronic pain relief, spine and back issues, injury recovery, joint replacement issues, lymphatic drainage, surgical complications, and sports optimization.
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