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Our Services

Media Consultation
Let's meet to talk about your media needs. (The $50 fee is required and non-refundable)
Documentary Creation
We are storytellers at heart... so you know we LOVE documentaries! We will help you capture and create your documentary piece from start to finish.
Social Media Management
Tired of posting everything? Tired of social media altogether? Wish you had more time to just focus on the business? Let us lighten the social media load by managing it. Not only can we create original content for you. We can post it as well.
Content Creation Management
Need on-going original content created for your brand? We can provide you with a dedicated creative (or team of creatives) to act as your in-house media team.
Social Platform Creation
Need a new Youtube channel made? Instagram? Facebook page? Don't even waste your time trying to do it yourself, you've got more important things to do. Leave the busy work to us. We'll have you up and running in no time!
Event Coverage
We will cover your event to create a recap highlighting the essence of it. This is great to show sponsors, supporters, and your target audience to build engagement.
Music Visual
Let us turn your music video concept into cinematic gold!
Festival Coverage
We will cover and tell the story of your festival! We can provide one or as many cameras needed. We also can run all the media duties for a festival. (ask about festival media management).

Our Staff

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