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This is an intimate appointment for first time guests. We will discuss your curl history, and build a plan for our future. I conduct a detailed analysis of your curls, together we choose a shape that will fit your lifestyle and face shape appropriately, performing a custom cut perfect for you. This is not JUST a DevaCut. With multiple certifications, (RezoCut, Curl-by-Curl, and Deva Curl) I use all of my knowledge when I assess which shapes are best for you. Furthermore we will dive deep into scalp care, discuss struggles you encounter and assess the foundation your curls require to thrive. Deep tissue scalp massage and prescriptive scalp treatment will be performed followed by an in depth tutorial on curl care. We love to document your curl journey with photos so you can see your curl evolution.

$260 · 2 hours


If you need help taming the curls of your kiddo or just need at home guidance on how to care for curls on the little ones as they age into more adult habits, haircuts and understanding. This is the appointment for you. We will cut a functional shape into the hair and teach (parents) and kids how to move forward understanding curly life better.

$110 · 1 hour


This is for our non-textured friends. If you DON’T have curly hair we still happily cut your hair in the traditional way. A full consultation about lifestyle, challenges and a styling lesson for your new shape are all part of the appointment. Full shampoo and blow drying are included.

$90 · 1 hour 15 minutes


This is for established guests. We will discuss any modifications you would like to make to your current shape, discuss at home challenges with styling or scalp health. This is a full customized curly haircut with finished style. As always, take an opportunity to photograph so we can see the curl evolution.

$150 · 1 hour 30 minutes


This is for established guests and only includes a dry trim. This client already has a strong mapped out plan and doesn’t require any coaching or major changes. (Must be within 10 weeks of last cut) I will teach you how to dry refresh your curls .

$110 · 45 minutes


This is a recap of the curl lesson to help with your routine. We can walk through your challenges and fill in any gaps you might be having at home. I full wash and style out is done step by step. Or come in to have us style you for your special occasion.

$68 · 45 minutes


Sometimes there is nothing that hits the spot better than basic traditional highlights. This is done with foil and can include dimensional colors to include lowlights as well. Finished with blow dry or curly style out.

$160 · 1 hour 45 minutes


An in depth consultation with photos and discussion of expectations, including at home care coaching for creative colors. Vivids, and trending color schemes like color melting, babylights, Ombre or any combination of the above are all are considered creative color.

$250 · 2 hours 30 minutes


Scalp issues can cause a serious imbalance in the whole hair system. Scalps can get dry, flakey, itchy, tight or oily and hard to manage. Getting to the bottom of the problem is the first step in getting your hair on track to being the best it can be. We will take time to discuss your issues, take a look together and do a treatment with deep tissue massage. Finally we will end with a long term plan on how to manage your scalp moving forward.

$40 · 1 hour


Build-up is a huge problem today with terrible ingredients in our products, pollution and minerals in our water. Sometimes the only way to get a true clean “reset” on our hair is to do a prescription strength clarifying treatment in the salon.

$40 · 1 hour


Prescription strength conditioning to bring your hair back to life. We can discuss your challenges during the appointment and decide the best formulation for you.

$25 · 30 minutes


An in depth consultation with photos and expectations, including at home care coaching for colored curls. We will come up with a customized plan for your curly hair to maintain the health of the hair while creating dimensional light reflection. Balayage is a natural effect to make the curls look alive with several different levels of lightness.

$225 · 2 hours 30 minutes


This is a special highlighting technique for Curly hair. It gives a 3D effect to the curls and showcases texture. Placement is considered and customized to each person’s head and curl type is taken into account. Because of the attention to detail and full coverage on the head it lasts 4-6 months.

$280 · 2 hours 30 minutes


Custom formulated grey coverage, grey blending, or color matching the regrowth with luxury professional hair color. Always finished with a blow dry or curly styleout. Color pull-through is an extra charge depending on length and density.

$95 · 1 hour 30 minutes


Heather Barclay