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Bike / Parts Donation

Make an appointment to donate a bike or parts.

An optional $5 donation per bike donated is greatly appreciated! ยท 15 minutes

Bike / Parts Pickup

*Please note*: This option is for picking up an item that has already been selected and paid for. Please choose this option only if you have already confirmed with Two Wheel View staff that your bike or part is available and ready to be picked up.

15 minutes

Bike Shopping

Appointment to shop for a bike. Please refer to our online inventory before booking. Appointments are 30 minutes and at this time we are asking that test rides be limited to two bikes maximum. When booking an appointment for shopping, please specify which bike(s) you are interested in so that we can confirm availability.

30 minutes

Add a Winter Tire to Your Bike! ($40-60)

If you're gearing up for winter riding and want to add a studded tire to your bike, we're here to help! We will not only install a studded tire for you, we'll also walk you through the process and arm you with the knowledge to do it yourself in the future. $25 covers the installation and instruction. Tires will range from $15-35 each, depending on condition. When signing up, please specify your bike's tire size.

30 minutes


TWV Staff