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C O N S U L T A T I O N | New Client
All new clients receive a complementary 15-minute skin consultation to discuss your skin and any conditions you would like to addressed.
C O N S U L T A T I O N | Skin, Skincare Products + Internal Conditions
This consultation is 30 minutes where we will discuss your current skincare products, regimen, skin conditions that you would like addressed, and any/all internal issues that are causing skin issues. I deeply believe in the gut + skin connection and most skin conditions are internally related. This will all be discussed during this consultation.
botanical | HYDRATE
This basic hydrating facial will begin by protecting your skin’s natural barrier utilizing an ancient oil cleansing method, removing all skin impurities, followed by warm herbal tea compressing for removal. A gentle grain exfoliation will remove all dead skin cells, while a herbal infusions of petals deeply hydrate your skin. A nourishing and gentle botanical mask will then be applied while your internal body rejuvenates with gentle foot reflexology and a hand + arm massage. Finishing hydrating serums + moisture will be further penetrated using skin healing gemstone therapy for added glow. Your skin will be supple and glowing.
add-on | HYDRATE
Facial cupping will be added for deeper skin nourishiment within an additional 15-minutes to your HYRDATE facial.
earthly | DETOX
This deeply detoxifying facial will have all of your pores clear to breath again! Using a superfood enzymatic exfoliation, your skin will become evenly toned and smooth. Facial massage will deeply relax your muscles + mind, while gentle foot reflexology restores your inner body. Manual Lymphatic Drainage will then de-stress the nervous system to reduce any skin inflammation all while flushing away stagnation under the skin’s surface. This allows clean filtered fluid to easily flow through your lymph system to directly nourish your skin-cells and blood. Now that your skin is clear and flowing, finishing products will then be applied and penetrated using healing gemstone roller therapy. Your skin will truly be clear to breathe.
Antioxidants are known to destroy harmful free radicals, which create cellular damage. To all sun goddesses, those who suffer from melisma + hyper-pigmentation needing a brighten boost! This antioxidant facial uses a superfood enzymatic exfoliation adding brightness to the skin as well as removing dead skin cells. Relaxing facial massage and gentle facial cupping will add stimulation to increase blood flow for deeper skin + cell nourishment resulting in decreased pigmentation. An antioxidant floral mask will then be applied. Your spirit will be rejuvenated by gentle foot reflexology, de-stressing the inner body. To finish your facial, an ancient gemstone facial roller will gently glide across your skin to help further penetrate potent antioxidant serums and hydration to a deeper skin level. Both your skin + spirit will be shining their brightest star together.
sun goddess | BRIGHTEN
This 90-minute luxury facial highly combats stubborn hyper-pigmentation by explicitly dissolving and lightening sun damage, treating melisma (pregnancy mask), and acne scarring. An oil pulling cleansing method will hydrate your skin deep within followed by a double exfoliation that genuinely sets your skin up for an authentic glow. Exfoliation is critical in diminishing hyper-pigmentation and allows product to deeply penetrate the many layers of living skin. Further dissolving pigmentation and boosting your beauty glow a botanically brightening mask is applied enriching your skin with potent whole plant vitamin C. Nourishing antioxidant serum is then applied preventing free radical damage while utilizing an ancient beauty tool, Gua Sha. As a result, freshly oxygenated-rich blood flows to feed and nourish skin cells, thus further enhancing your skin’s glow from the inside out.
gua sha | LIFT + FLOW
This facial will begin with a nourishing oil cleansing method followed by herbal compressing for removal. Using a superfood enzymatic exfoliation, your skin will be polished to perfection, removing all dead skin cells, revealing glowing living skin while you de-stress during a hand + arm massage. Relaxing facial massage will ease away muscle tension as well as inner stress to the mind and body. A deeply nourishing mask will be applied while gentle foot reflexology pampers your internal organs. Every cell will be vibrating in light as your skin is lifted using GuaSha. Gua sha is a gemstone plate with curves to glide and sculpt the bone and muscle, creating a lifting technique. After the skin is lifted, next will be relaxing manual lymphatic drainage which will move all stagnation under the skin’s surface for freshly oxygenated blood to flow, nourishing all of your living skin cells. MLD balances the skin, improving tone, clearer complexion, and is essential to calming the nervous system. LIFT, FLOW, GLOW
garden | GLOW
This facial is designed to restore every skin-cell deep within the layers using a patented mushroom enzyme, resulting in glowing living skin. For added nourishment, facial cupping and massage will used to further increase blood flow to all your freshly renewed cells all while relaxing your mind. A deeply hydrating avocado mask will further nourish your skin in supple hydration while your inner body becomes restored by gentle foot reflexology during the mask process. For the grand finale, your skin will be bathing in the luxurious and beautiful Georgia May skincare facial oils, which will be customized to your skin needs and penetrated using healing gemstone roller therapy. Your skin will truly be living + glowing.
This Gentlemen's facial is tailored explicitly for the skin of a man. Men typically have thicker skin than women, and due to daily shaving and a lack of maintenance, a man's skin begins to lose its brilliance. Using a patented mushroom enzyme exfoliation to remove all dead skin cells as well as treating any ingrown hairs, your cells will be 100% living resulting in the smoothest skin. Georgia May's "Simple Man" nourishing facial oil will melt away the day's stress and tension with a deep-tissue facial massage, followed by warm herbal towel compresses, which will further relax the muscles as well as soothing the skin. An intensely hydrating mask will restore the skin, leaving you feeling fresh and invigorated. Completing this manly facial, a deeply restorative scalp massage will have you feeling truly pampered while a second layer of “Simple Man” is applied for further nourishment. Your skin will be thriving in man bliss!
oncology | THERAPY | facial
oncology | REMISSION | facial
B R O W S | precision shaping
B R O W S + F A C E | precision shaping + lip
B R O W S + F A C E | precision shaping, lip, + chin
B R O W S + T I N T | precision shaping + brow tint definition
T I N T | brow tint
T I N T | eyelash tint
A D D - O N | Gua Sha Brow Lift
Add on chilled Gua Sha Brow Lift after your eyebrow wax to reduce any redness and inflammation as well as giving your eyes an instant lift!
Connective Tissue 3 Series

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