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Purpose Camera is a camera store project created by Joshua Conti that exists to Inspire, Equip and Support photographers of any skill level.

Josh has over 10 years of professional photography experience that includes well over 1000 hours of second and principal wedding photography. He has received extensive training from industry vendors including Adobe, Nikon and is an accomplished on location portrait photographer. His no frills, hands on, location based approach to teaching photography and his extensive knowledge of camera systems will allow you to find a greater confidence in yourself and your camera.
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Our Services

Camera 101 - One Hour Session- One on One Class
Afraid of taking your camera out of auto mode? Do you leave it at home because it doesn't take good pictures? Was it a gift you weren't expecting? No matter the reason, you want to use it but you honestly don't know how to. The key to any successful relationship is communication. Learn how to tell your camera what you need from it and learn how to understand what it's trying to tell you. No matter what kind of camera it is, from iPhone to Pro Level DSLR, schedule a Camera 101 session today and fall in love with photography all over again. This is a One on One class- pick your date and time and Josh will contact you for meeting location and details as to what you most need to learn!
Camera Sensor Cleaning - Read Description Below
If there are spots on your images, if you're a mirrorless photographer, if you've owned your camera longer than a year, you NEED a sensor cleaning. Our professional sensor cleaning utilizes industry standard products and techniques. Each camera will be visually inspected and the exterior and lens mount cleaned at no additional charge. We do apply a discount for multiple cameras. We can also update your camera's firmware if needed and the cost is only $10.00 when done with a sensor cleaning. PLEASE NOTE: This service requires signing a release form in person before cleaning is performed. Once you have picked a time and date. Josh will contact you to get your camera make and model and confirm details and any issues you might be having with you camera.
Advanced Skills Training -1 Hour Session - One on One Class
Chances are, you have a photography skill that you really want to learn. From Lightroom to light painting; skills that could help you earn more, learn more or shoot more. Don't procrastinate, sign up today. It's going to be easier than you think to grasp the concepts with that skill you want to learn. From off camera lighting to macro photography, from landscape to interior photography, you can level up to a new skill and make your photographic eye that much more valuable to you and your clients. Once you have picked your time and date, Josh will contact you to learn more about the skill or skills you would like to master and craft the class to your needs!
A Whisper of Light -One Time 2 Hour Session- One on One Class
Light shapes, creates and affects every picture you take. This is not your normal photo class. This is a study of how light works. This is how to compose your images, guided by the direction of light. This is a visual learning experience that will help you understand the nature of light: how to work with it, how to replicate it, how to use it when it's good or when it's bad. A solid understanding of how light works, how it behaves is vital to getting the best results from your images. It will save you editing time, it will give you a serious edge in any situation you find yourself in. Learn light today. Once you have picked a time and date, Josh will contact you with meeting location and details!
On Location Portraits
This is not your normal portrait experience! Not only is the location, editing and time of day customized for your session, but you will also learn about posing techniques, camera settings and more while your pictures are being captured! Each portrait session with Josh is guaranteed to provide learning, crazy awesome fun and a bit of adventure with results that will leave you saying "I had no idea I looked that good!".
Wedding / Event Imagery
With well over 2000 hours of combined event and wedding photography, not only as a solo photographer but in supporting some of the best photographers on Florida's East Coast, Joshua Conti will lend his visual touch to your big day through his disarming humor, attention to detail and obsession with light. We welcome you to call or text Josh directly at 321--698-3558 to find out if he might be the right one to capture your biggest moments.
Graphic Design / Image Editing (Per Hour)
Professional, custom Lightroom photo editing as per client specifications. Unique, hand crafted, Photoshop based graphic design and photo restoration.

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Joshua Conti