Norawalksinspirit Inc

NoraWalksInSpirit has been Teaching and Healing for over 18 years in both Shamanic and Universal Energies of LIGHT.She welcomes you to her Master Teachings that are needed now for the ASCENSION of this Planet.

All join into the HOOP of ONENESS, a Channel of the Energetic Fields of Consciousness for individuals removing energy blocks will be transmitted thru her. This will prepare the student’s Mind and Body to receive the Sacred Teachings within allowing greater understanding and integration.

She will express a wide range of Energetic Tones and Vibrations Spoken in Sacred Languages to Awaken the Energetic bodies and enter into the true Soul’s Journey.

During the Ceremony, these Infinite BEINGS Consciousness shall be Channelled in the moment!

You may apply these Energies of LIGHT and Frequencies to your personal life circumstances and begin to MASTER the Energies of ONENESS Consciousness.

I encourage you to join these ENERGIES Of LIGHT.
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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Our Services

Online Healing Session - 1 Hour
The Power of the WORD spoken in Light Languages and Divine Vibrations shift and release the frequencies within the memory cells that have created blocks, habits/patterns and interruptive reoccurring thought forms from many Life Times which obstruct the Soul’s Journey to the LIGHT. These heightened Empowering and Enlightened Master Consciousness’ Fields will shift, adjust and align into your own Soul Being Consciousness to stepping stones into REALITY. I ask you to sit in STILLNESS, to enjoy these Divine Energies of LOVE delivered through Nora of these Intelligent Master ESSENCES that Awaken then Activate your Divine Hidden Gift. I AM going to be speaking to you in gentle Tones and Vibrations, so you can release and HEAL the Body, Mind and Soul onto a Journey of FREEDOM. 1 HR. Via SKYPE

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