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Bra Fitting (IN-STORE) Tuesday- Friday ONLY

Thank you for booking an appointment! A proper fit bra could change the game for you. Take some time to unwind and treat yourself. Allow our bra fitters to guide you into the perfect fitting bra for your breast shape and body type. Browse the store and chat with our bra stylist to decide on the perfect bra for your taste and lifestyle.

Free · 30 minutes


This is a NON-FITTING APPOINTMENT If you haven't had a fitting within 12 months your appointment will be declined. Need a bra for a special occasion? Searching for the perfect bra to pair with a certain dress? Get in and out in a hurry. Same great service, just ultra-fast. Current customers who've been fit within the last 8-12 months, and just want to pick up an item or two, this appointment is for you. (No fitting needed

Free · 15 minutes

Date Night Lingerie Fitting

Yes, you can bring your honey! This appointment is focused on lingerie. You'll be guided by your own personal stylist to select lingerie items specific to your tastes and body type. With input from your special someone, you'll walk out with everything you need to have a romantic night-in!

Free · 1 hour

Pre-Season Fashion Lingerie Styling

Are you an intimate apparel enthusiast? Want the latest in trends and textiles for your lingerie draw? Do you just need to freshen up your lingerie wardrobe, and want to be the first with new fashions and styles? Well okay trendsetter, this is the appointment for you! Spend time with your local lingerie stylist crafting the perfect seasonal wardrobe. Pick from full lingerie to everyday bras and panty sets. Be the first to know and own what's trending in the lingerie industry while helping craft the upcoming season's offerings.

Free · 30 minutes

Mobile Bra Fit APPOINTMENT (Special Permission Required)

Please call to arrange. This is NOT a regular booking appointment available to the PUBLIC.

Free · 1 hour

Bra Fitting (SATURDAY ONLY) (see cancellation policy)

Saturdays are our busiest time. Unfortunately, because of COVID, we are taking appointments until further notice on our regular walk-in day. Cancellation fees for Saturday bookings are non-refundable if you miss your appointment or do not cancel by 7 pm the Friday before. Please see the cancellation policy.

Free · 30 minutes

Lingerie Wardrobe Styling (IN-STORE) Tuesday-Friday ONLY

You deserve nice things. Let us help you build the perfect lingerie wardrobe filled to the brim with life's little luxuries. Begin with the basics, then add on glam. You'll walk out feeling beautiful, spoiled, and confident. Isn't that how it should always be?

Free · 1 hour

Virtual Bra Fitting

Can't meet in-person? The next best way is a virtual fitting! What you'll need: 1) a garment measuring tape, or even a string long enough to go over the fullest part of your bust, as well as a hardware store measuring tape. -3 measurements: under bust, over bust, above bust. 2) A video messaging format either Hangouts or Instagram messenger, even zoom!. - seeing your breast shape gives a better idea of what styles will work best for you. Alternatively: Don't have either of those formats, you can send pictures. With your best fitting bra on we'll need: a) a front facing arms down to sides b) a side profile on fullest bust side c) a back photo with your arms down to your sides This is the best way to achieve a more accurate fit. Uncomfortable with any of those options, send your measurements as stated above, we can send pictures of styles we have available in stock based on the measurements sent. Please let us know which format works best for you.

Free · 30 minutes

Swimwear Fitting (IN-STORE) Tuesday-Friday ONLY

Swimsuits can be frustrating. Allow us to remove the frustration and help you find the perfect swimsuits for you!

Free · 1 hour

VIP FIT PARTY (EVENINGS ONLY) minimum 5 persons

With a minimum of 5 guest, enjoy up to 3-hour session time with your bra fit specialist. Special pricing, exclusive items, and special gifts for you and your guest. VIP FIT PARTY must be booked 10 business days in advance. CANCELLATIONS require at least 48-hours notice. The cancellation fee is non-refundable. $100 Party fee becomes store credit.

$100 · 2 hours 30 minutes


Fittings are included when purchasing bras, however, we also offer fittings without purchase. Just want your size? WE CAN DO THAT!! Cancellation fees are non-refundable. Please see cancellation policy

$30 · 30 minutes


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