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Our Services

Eyebrow Microblading (3D Eyebrow tattoo)**
(***If you have an existing eyebrow tattoo, please email Gina prior to booking appointment***) Microblading technique results in the most natural-looking permanent eyebrows imaginable. Micro pigmentation (Microblading) is a safe, non-invasive procedure that produces semi-permanent results. Gina's technique will give the effect of ultra-fine, delicate hair strokes that blend seamlessly and mimic your natural brow hair along the brow bone. **Plus tax, Cash is preferred
Tattoo Consultation (optional and not necessary)
Tattoo Complimentary First Touch Up
Only for clients who got their eyebrows done by Gina before. This is 2nd follow-up visit. 30 minutes FREE
Tattoo Touch Up
Only for those clients who got their eyebrows done by Gina before
Henna Brow
Our HENNA BROW pigments are made up of 99% natural plant based ingredients: the other 1% being a micro additive which opens the hair cuticle and allows the Henna to be fast-acting. It uses NO AMMONIA, NO PEROXIDE, and NO CHEMICALS. Henna thickens the hair, stimulates hair growth, and has antimicrobial properties. This includes a full brow mapping and waxing, with henna application.
Henna Brow Maintenance with Gina
Seeing brows are all mapped and shaped, this appointment includes reapplication of henna as well as a waxing. This service is priced for maintenance which is between a 2-3 week period. Anything over this time is considered a first session.
Brow Shaping with Brow Tint
Using a custom blended dye, your brows can be colored and highlighted, softened, or simply can add warmth and dimension. Tint can last anywhere from 3-5 weeks.
Brow Lamination
Infused with Keratin to strengthen brow hair, we are able to mold brow hair in one direction to give the look of fuller brows. Paired with a tint and shaping
Keratin Lash Infusion with A Complimentary Lash Tint
Lashes - Classic Set
Single lash applied to each natural lash.
Lashes - Russian Volume
Multiple lashes or “flares” attached to one natural lash.
Lashes - Classic Fill, 2 Weeks
Replacing lashes that have grown out or shed with your natural lash cycle.
Lashes - Classic Fill, 3 Weeks
Replacing lashes that have grown out or shed with your natural lash cycle.
Lashes - Russian Volume Fill, 2 Weeks
Replacing lashes that have grown out or shed with your natural lash cycle.
Lashes - Russian Volume Fill, 3 Weeks
Replacing lashes that have grown out or shed with your natural lash cycle.
Lashes-crossover fee
When you switch to our lash artist and we need to work with or remove previous artists lashes, there is a crossover fee
Lashes-Lash Removal
Properly remove lashes with our specialized gel that removes all lash adhesives safely!
Makeup - Full Face without Strip Lashes
Makeup - Full Face with Strip Lashes
Makeup - Bridal
Highest quality products used to ensure makeup photographs well and looks fresh for 24+ hours.
Specialty Makeup Service - Strip Lash Application/Tutorial
Specialty Makeup Service - Product Recommendation with Face Chart
30-minute session with personalized products that will be of the most benefit to clients skin.
Specialty Makeup Service - Personalized Makeup Lesson/Tutorial with Face Chart
Hands on session teaching clients techniques, tools, and products that will be the most beneficial for their skin type.
Facial Waxing - Eyebrow Wax
Facial Waxing - Upper Lip
Facial Waxing - Chin
Facial Waxing - Sideburns
Facial Waxing - Nose
Facial Waxing - Neck
Body Waxing -Full Abdomen (stomach)
Body Waxing - Full Back
Body Waxing - Chest
Body Waxing - Half Back
Body Waxing - Full Leg
Body Waxing - Half Leg
Body Waxing - Full Arm
Body Waxing - Half Arm
Body Waxing - Armpit
Body Waxing - FULL Bikini (front)
Body Waxing - Brazilian (Front and back)
Body waxing- Bikini Line
Body Waxing- Full Butt
Body Waxing- Cheeks

Our Staff

Gabby Facendo
Gabby Facendo has been specializing in full body waxing for 3 years. As a professional license cosmetologist and license esthetician, Gabby is known for her quick hands in body waxing. She loves making her clients feel and look the best at all times. Gabby’s knowledge and passion for her career is like no other. Her kind, friendly, and cheerful personality will never disappoint.
Gabrielle Fazio
Gabrielle Fazio is a passionate SFX/Beauty makeup artist with the mission of putting your custom vision into life! She has had a true passion for makeup artistry from an extremely young age. Her earliest memories include ones of stealing her mom’s makeup brushes and products! Having a career of creation and making the world feel beautiful, as well as inspired, is truly a dream come true.
Gina Guida-Fazio
AAM Licensed Professional Microblading/Eyebrow Artist Lash Lift Specialist Nationally Trained & Certified

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