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Since 1993 Daniel J. Carlow, DC has been helping people return to health and enjoy life again. At Islands Chiropractic & Massage we use chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, cold laser, stretching, exercise and various physical modalities to help people get out of pain fast. Many different techniques are used to promote greater health including Palmer Gentile, Diversified, Arthrostim adjusting instrument, Drop table, & KST. Dr. Carlow has also incorporated the Allergy Clearing Technique (ACT) to help those suffering with food or airborne allergies. We have had amazing results. Please see our website for further information and testimonials. We look forward to helping you!
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Our Services

New Patient Examination
This examination consists of a review of your chief complaint and history, range of motion evaluation, orthopedic testing, and palpatory exam.
Chiropractic Adjustment
This service includes evaluation to determine the presence of spinal misalignments. Chiropractic adjustments/manipulative techniques are used to correct these misalignments and balance out the body. Techniques used include but are not limited to the use of hands, instruments or special tables to help achieve correction. (ie. Palmer Gentle, Diversified, Arthrostim and Drop Table)
Therapeutic Massage 60 min
Therapeutic Massage 60 min & Chiropractic Adjustment
Laser Treatment
Low level laser therapy or cold laser treatment sends billions of photons of laser light to your cells. This activates the cells to produce energy which the cells use to repair and heal.
Electric Muscle Stimulation
This therapy sends electrical impulses into the muscles to help reduce pain and help heal. It is very relaxing and many patients fall asleep while receiving it.
Spinal Decompression (Nonsurgical)
Nonsurgical spinal decompression utilizes a computer controlled motorized traction table to gently stretch the spine. This takes pressure off the spinal disks, nerves and/or spinal cord. It also helps promote movement of water, oxygen, and nutrient-rich fluids into the disks so they can heal.
Allergy Clearing Initial Visit
This service includes the ACT protocols for treatment of food or airborne allergies. It utilizes the Occipital Drop Technique and Arthrostim instrument to reset the body's reaction to allergic substances. For more information please visit
Allergy Clearing Follow Up Visit
This service is a follow up treatment for persons who have completed the initial Allergy Clearing Technique service. ACT protocols are utilized for treatment of food or airborne allergies which help to reset the body's reaction to allergic substances. For more information please visit
Koren Specific Technique
This service utilizes Koren Specific Technique to find areas of the body that require adjustments or stimulation to achieve better health.
Therapeutic Massage 45 min
Therapeutic Massage 45 min & Chiropractic Adjustment
Therapeutic Massage 90 min
Therapeutic Massage 90 min & Chiropractic Adjustment
Therapeutic Massage 120 min
Therapeutic Massage 120 min & Chiropractic Adjustment

Our Staff

Daniel Carlow
Dee Baker
Katrina Corral