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Emotion Code Session

I am a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, which is a modality that helps people to correct energetic imbalances. The Emotion Code is a healing technique to help us pinpoint and then release emotions that have become trapped. Our emotional baggage often consists of discrete energies that became trapped during emotional events we have experienced. Trapped emotions are made of energy which influences the physical tissues, and can cause acute pain and disease. Releasing these trapped emotions promotes healing. Physical and emotional difficulties will often disappear or seem less frequent.

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Teacher, Trainer or Speaker

I am Wellness Instructor at the University of Richmond, where I have been teaching for 12 years. The students learn how to negate stress and maintain balance in the 5 major areas of living; sleep, nutrition, emotions, energy and environment. I am a Corporate Wellness Trainer with Balancing Life’s Issues and have done Wellness trainings for Capital One, Longwood University, Nationwide, Virginia Department of Corrections, Verizon, Virginia Commonwealth University and Virginia Department of Agriculture. I will design a podcast, or onsite presentation to meet your needs.

$65 · 1 hour

Sleep Consultation

This sleep consultation will provide clients with skills and resources to develop strategies for achieving and implementing a healthy lifestyle, which in turn leads to improved sleep. We will focus on how sleep affects every aspect of our lives and how our lives affect our sleep. We will explore all areas that affect your sleep environment. Incorporate tools to evaluate what key areas are out of balance and create an action plan to help you achieve Homeostasis.

$75 · 1 hour

Energy Session

Are there questions you’ve been asking that you need answered? Are there emotions blocking your way? Is there interference in your energy field that is causing an imbalance? Lisa will show you how to recalibrate in all areas of living; for instance, your inner and outer environment, nutritional needs, restorative sleep, emotional energy patterns and belief systems by having a conversation on an energy level so you can get the answers to questions regarding your well-being. Lisa will share her training, teaching and her gifts to guide you to better understand your vibrational healing journey.

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The Elephant in The Room

As we enter the holiday season, we are approaching eight months of dealing with the global pandemic. This unprecedented challenge has lasted long beyond what any of us imagined when all our lives first changed back in March. As we persevere to retain some sort of normalcy, we need to acknowledge and validate how draining mentally, and emotionally this has affected us. We will explore some of our emotional challenges and discuss solutions we can implement to help us navigate this storm of the century. It’s 2 a.m. and you’re wide awake. Again. What’s the deal? You may have seen this pattern on social media and may even be experiencing it yourself before COVID, or after the advent of this virus…we are anxious and we’re not sleeping!

$45 · 1 hour

Introductory Offer

Do you believe in miracles? Now is the time to discover new opportunities within. Are you new to seeing beyond the surface of understanding? Join me on a provocative journey as we travel deep into the subconscious mind. We tend to live on the surface of the ocean. I will help you go to the bottom of the ocean, beyond the conditions we are observing each day. Instead of reacting to our physical environment, I will teach you to be the observer. There is so much more than what we see, smell, taste or touch. It's time to see the unseen, live unconditionally and manifest your inner healing energy.

$33 · 30 minutes

Illumination Session

Why not two coaches at once!! 2020/2021 is bringing in a lot of emotions, toxic energy, and spiritual ascension energies. So, we decided to join forces to give you an extra added boost to get through this year! I think we are all going need little more TLC in the coming months. I will be tag teaming with Sheila Boyd. We have decided to combine our efforts for the collective to encourage you towards a more balanced approach with your spirit, mind, body alignment. Sheila will be facilitating a more grounded approach towards intuitive empowerment to help those who are having spirit, mind, body, conflicts. She will be teaching spiritual realignment to assist us in becoming more balanced in these areas. This session is to empower you with methodologies to align yourself towards your highest good, by eliminating blocks or imbalances in your spiritual discipline. As a Life Coach/ Teacher I will be utilizing Kinesiology, the Emotion Code, Intuition, and Sedona Method to help you achieve energetic balancing. With this type of emotional intelligence, we can discover trigger points, and then release the trapped emotions hidden within the body. Releasing these emotions will help streamline the healing process. This session will give you a nice solid foundation to do your own self-care maintenance.

$225 · 1 hour

Mentoring/Apprenticeship Program

I will be offering this program "The View of Wellness" as a personal investment in the spirit of advancement in education, as a service to the community in hopes of creating awareness of Spirit-Mind-Body wellbeing and introduce this to the workplace, schools and individuals that I would like to assist on their wellness journey.

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Energy 101

What is Energy? We cannot see it, smell it, hear, taste or touch it, so how can we self-regulate it and use it to heal? My body finds the resonance it needs through frequency or vibration. It defrags my body’s energy patterns, cleans them up, reboots and recalibrates our vital energy system. How can we maintain a high energy vibration, optimize energy that is unbounded, fresh, minimize anxiety and stress, so that our life force is always renewable? Join this Transformation of Healing as we travel on a provocative journey in search of sustainable Human Energy! In this workshop, will learn how to attain balance in the 5 key areas of living: emotions, environment, energy, sleep, and nutrition. What techniques and resources are available to help us to find our tipping point to well-being and move in the direction of healing? Discover how to overcome our fears, incorporate mindfulness, powerful motivational tips, build confidence and cultivate your inner knowing. Heal the inner experience so you can live in the outer world.

$35 · 1 hour


Lisa Hazelgrove