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Holistic Alternative Health Practitioner
At the Emotion Connection it is my mission
to help you to transform the unresolved pain
in your life that is keeping you sick and tired, ruining your relationships and preventing you from being your best self.
It's time to ditch the drugs and thrive again!
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Our Services

Free Consultation (Online Conference call only)
Details will be sent for conference call You don't have to just live with it. It's not all in your head, There are alternative options that work. Relief is possible! Tell me your story... Come discuss your issues and see what services and products are right are right for you. Let's change how you feel for good!
Energy Healing Session (online conference call only)
Energy Healing for unblocking stuck energy pathways to better accommodate the body's innate healing abilities. Details will be sent for conference call
Stay at Home Conference Call Services (discount services)
Services provided by phone or conference call. 30% discount for scheduling online. 20% discount for prepay (invoice will be sent) Details will be sent for conference call
NES Health Body-Field Scan (at home)
Due to shelter-in-place orders... Required purchase of Personal Scanner, schedule consultation to discuss how to get started. Scan fee waived with scanner purchase. All other scans will be at stated cost during this pandemic. Decoding the human body-field to get to the root cause and restore your energy for life. EVALUATE THE BODY-FIELD, THE BODY'S CONTROL SYSTEM, WITH THE BWS SCANNING SOFTWARE. --The NES Health BioEnergetiX WellNES System (BWS) is ground breaking scanning software that lets you see the unseen so you can correct and heal what matters most. --It returns a richly detailed overview of your body-field, with multiple screens and accurate graphics to see beyond your symptoms. --The BWS scan lets you see the distortions in information and energy that the body needs to balance in order to get well and stay well. Requires one time membership purchase. Body-Field scan and recommendation report with scan review
EPT (Online Conference call only)
Details will be sent for conference call Emotional Polarity Technique MIND BODY SPIRIT Emotional Release for Better Health EPT helps to quickly find, let go and transform your limiting beliefs so you can heal from past trauma, physical pain and emotional challenges so you can feel good again. EPT also helps with goal setting, creating empowering beliefs and reinforces positive life or business success. The process of EPT follows this outline: Focus: Identify the issue of your interest or let the body identify it. Find It: The original conditioning emotional memory imprints. Fix It: Biofield Corrections with Magnets placed on specific Body Points to interfere with the current pattern and change the charge held on the memory. Forgive It: Directed Affirmations to allow for a new perspective on your “Focus”.

Our Staff

Linda Sellers
Certified Master Emotional Polarity Technique Practitioner Certified NES Health Practitioner
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