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Initial Consultation and Assessment Zoom meeting

You don't have to just live with it. It's not all in your head, There are alternative options that work. Relief is possible! Tell me your story... Come discuss your issues and see what services and products are right are right for you. Let's change how you feel for good!

$65 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Pangu Shengong Qigong Instruction (online via zoom)

Pangu Shengong (aka Pan Gu Mystical Qigong), developed by Master Ou Wen Wei, has its fundamental philosophy and practice rooted in kindness and benevolence. It is designed to absorb the beneficial energy of the sun and moon and the essence of the Qi of the universe. It regulates and intensifies Life Force and the immune system. Pangu Shengong is a specialized form of Qigong that is simple to learn, and its benefits to health and well-being can be experienced immediately. The positive effects from regular practice include: Balance, Harmony, Peace of Mind Strengthening the Immune System Increased Well Being, Happiness & Inexhaustible Vitality

$120 · 1 hour 30 minutes

NES Health First Scan Review and Recommendation Session

This session is for reviewing and going over recommendations after your first initial scan. This will be a Zoom call to this link at your scheduled time. Zoom # 937 694 3577

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Basic Consultation Zoom

You don't have to just live with it. It's not all in your head, There are alternative options that work. Relief is possible! Tell me your story... Come discuss your issues and see what services and products are right are right for you. Let's change how you feel for good!

Free · 30 minutes

NES Health Body-Field Scan (Zoom)

Decoding the human body-field to get to the root cause and restore your energy for life. EVALUATE THE BODY-FIELD, THE BODY'S CONTROL SYSTEM, WITH THE BWS SCANNING SOFTWARE. --The NES Health BioEnergetiX WellNES System (BWS) is ground breaking scanning software that lets you see the unseen so you can correct and heal what matters most. --It returns a richly detailed overview of your body-field, with multiple screens and accurate graphics to see beyond your symptoms. --The BWS scan lets you see the distortions in information and energy that the body needs to balance in order to get well and stay well. Requires one time membership purchase. Body-Field scan and recommendation report with scan review

$65 · 1 hour

Qigong Energy Session (Remote session)

Based on Traditional Chinese Energy medicine, increasing vital Qi, Life Force, and unblocking energy in various meridian pathways, to better accommodate the body's innate healing abilities. Energy and Information can be broadcast from any location to another location, just like a cell phone, radio, or wifi. Therefore, one need not be in office to receive an energy session. All that is needed is a relaxing atmosphere to relax for 30 minutes to 1 hour. A Call at the appointment time will start the process.

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60 min. Stress Release Relaxation Session

Experience the rejuvenating effects of a bioenergetic miHealth relaxation session. Incredible stress relief and relaxation through aromatherapy, sound therapy, energy work and our signature miHealth device. Programmed to meet your individual needs to promote a calm mind, stress reduction, and harmonization of body, mind and spirit for renewed energy and love for life.

$110 · 1 hour

miHealth Treatment Session

REJUVENATE AND UNBLOCK THE ENERGY-FIELD WITH NES MIHEALTH. A powerful, yet safe, hand-held device - as seen on The Doctors Show -is non-invasive and clinically researched. It uses the proven benefits of biofeedback and PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy) to locate and release energy blockages. Experience immediate relief and rejuvenation as the device clears pathways for information to flow through the body properly.

$110 · 30 minutes

Choice Point Coaching Session (with Choice Point coaching purchase)

We’re currently in the middle of a Global Choice Point, where the choices we make today, will not only affect each of us individually, but also the world at large. What will you do at your personal Choice Point Will you choose the Love of Power or the Power of Love?

Free · 30 minutes

Emotional Release

Balancing MIND BODY SPIRIT Emotional Release for Better Health Emotional Release work helps to quickly find, let go and transform your limiting beliefs so you can heal from past trauma, physical pain and emotional challenges so you can feel good again. This work also helps with gaining clarity, goal setting, creating empowering beliefs and reinforces positive life or business success.

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Cultivate Life Force Health System Coaching Session

For paid members of the Cultivate Life Force Health System. Weekly coaching sessions to review progress and concerns.

Free · 15 minutes

NES Scan Review

A time to go over the Scan, the recommendations and answer any questions.

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Scan Recommendation and Highlight PDF

A detailed paper, emailed to you, highlighting recommendations, areas on concern, emotional patterns, mind body connections, 5 element meridian dysfunctions. Most often the scan is an overload of information. I will cut out the extra noise and determine the most important aspects of the scan for you to understand it better and make proper adjustments.

$95 · 5 minutes

NES Scan Comparison Chart PDF

An easy to read PDF of the last few scans. See progress and patterns. no person to person scan review, chart only emailed to you

$20 · 5 minutes

Restorative Intuitive Private Painting class

For a personal one on one painting class or with a group of your choosing (up to 8 people) call for availability. This 3 hour class will explore your inner world and through painting. It will help show you more about yourself and your relationships. Supplies provided What is Intuitive painting? It is a healing technique to enhance your intuition to work through and create movement in the stuck areas in your life. Let’s say you are struggling with depression because a loved one is no longer in your life. There is grief and sorrow that needs to be processed and acknowledged in a productive way. However, if you are struggling with moving beyond the grief and sorrow, there might be something else than that event that is blocking the flow of energy and creating stagnation. If you understood what that was, you would certainly do something about it. Often our ego or our cerebral brain gets in the way. We over think, worry or distract, to avoid looking at our inner selves. With intuitive painting, we are going to give that part of our brain a break, let our body speak to us through the use of color, movement, and mindfulness. With intuition, meditation, and mindfulness, we will create a new expression, using resources that are also new, trusting in the process to see things in a different way than ever before. I will guide you in this process until it comes to a beautiful end that uplifts, inspires and heals, in your own unique way. Then, every time you find yourself in a similar situation, your body, mind and soul will remember the path that was carved out and how to get to the other side. Each time you look at your painting, it will bring you to this emotional state, over and over again. This is your medicine for healing and it is something that you created from within. This is great power, to know that you have everything you need to be successful. It’s time to be still and listen then open the gate to create the new, the wonderful and the joyous.

$200 · 3 hours

Linda Sellers

Certified Master Emotional Polarity Technique Practitioner Certified NES Health Practitioner