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Prayer and Ministry Time with Brendon

Brendon ignites passion and purpose in today's youth! These two have a vast amount personal experience and Biblical wisdom to share with your troubled teen.

Free · 1 hour

Prayer & Ministry Time with Derrick and/or Amy Rodriguez

If you need healing, deliverance, or just an encouraging word, please come to us for prayer and counsel. God is always faithful, waiting with great love and patience to to lavish His Grace upon you. Derrick speaks fluent Spanish as well as English. He is a certified Life Coach and has an aggressive approach toward inspiring people. Derrick has a special gift for bringing out the life in everyone he meets! Amy has mentored dozens of musicians and artist-minded people throughout her 27 years of vocal coaching and producing "Monarch." She is a powerful teacher of the Word, as well as extremely transparent. Amy is overjoyed for the opportunity to take that wisdom and help you graciously apply it to your life.

Free · 1 hour

Derrick & Amy

Charis Bible College students; Producers of MONARCH: A CELEBRATION OF LOVE, SONG & DANCE; Certified Life Coach [Derrick]; Vocal Coach [Amy]; Worship Ministry; Romantic Vocal Duo