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This FREE consultation service is a chat about your project needs and which design service is the best fit for your design project or special event.

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Interior Design Consultation

This design service is an intensive and customized consultation of ideas for your space. We will begin with a conversation/walkthrough of your interior spaces that are in need of help. We will discuss the needs and goals of each space. You can expect recommendations for improvement as we walk-through. During the discussion/walk-through, we will also be identifying the areas of your space that you want to address first (the priority areas). We will then sit down to formulate a plan for improving the priority areas. This session also includes a Color Consultation You will receive an online copy of my e-guide: The Educated Client: Guide to Understanding the Interior Design Process.

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Color Consultation

We offer color consultations to assist our clients in making the right color choices for their home projects. Whether you’re starting a large renovation project or revamping the interior of your home, our Color Consultants are here to help you transform your home with paint and/or wallpaper. This service is perfect for homeowners who find selecting colors can be a bit overwhelming. During this consultation, your design consultant will examine your space taking into consideration the lighting, the shape, and the way you use the room. You'll receive a customized Recommendation Report via email with a list of selected colors and everything you'll need to complete your project. You will be taken step-by-step through each color scheme that's recommended and determine what's unique to your signature style. You can also share this report with your painter and/or decorator, helping to ensure the correct color scheme and quantities are ordered for your project.

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Shandra Ward