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Our Services

Lash Extensions Full Set
1 lash extension is glued to each healthy natural lash. Includes a consultation to discuss what lengths and sizes your natural lashes can safely handle. Please arrive with no eye makeup.
Underarm Wax
One Week Fill
Come in 1 week from your last appointment and get your lashes extra full. Must have 80% of your extensions.
Two Week Fill
2 weeks after last appointment. Must have AT LEAST 40% OF YOUR LASHES LEFT. If you're missing more than 40%, it's considered an extended fill.
Three Week Fill
3 weeks after your last appointment. Must have at least 30% of your extensions left. After 4 weeks it is considered a full set. Arriving with less than 30% is also considered a full set.
Lash Removal & Conditioning Treatment
A solution will safely dissolve the glue and leave you with your natural lashes. After removal your natural lashes will then be given a deep conditioning treatment!
Brow Shape
Eyebrows are professionally shaped using a skin friendly wax to remove unwanted hair.
Brow Tint (Henna Tint)
Eyebrows are professionally darkened to give a more defined appearance.
Basic Bikini Wax
Hair removal along the bikini line
Brazilian Bikini Wax
Full removal of hair from bikini area.
Half Leg
Full Leg

Our Staff

Stephanie Turner