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Exam/Assessment - Promotion

Exam with Dr. Gatell, includes thorough case history, exam, SEMG Nervous System Test, Orthopedic testing, Neuro. testing, & Range of Motion testing. If doctor determines you need x-rays, additional fee at most $40. We do take insurance as well. (Normal fee $250).

$19 · 30 minutes

Scoliosis New Client Consult

If you are interested in receiving care in our office for Scoliosis, please have your MRIs/x-rays sent to our office and once we receive them, we will call you to confirm the time to review our recommendations. (At minimum schedule 48 hrs in advance for x-rays to get to Doctor for review before call.) If you have any questions once you look over the information, please give us a call. We look forward to working with you in your battle against scoliosis.

Free · 30 minutes

Free Phone Consult with Dr. Gatell

Free Consultation over the telephone to help get to the cause of your health concerns with Dr. John Gatell D.C.,M.S.

Free · 10 minutes

Dr. John Gatell D.C.,M.S.

Dr. John has trained at one of the leading Maximized Living Health Centers in the southeast before opening his own in Roswell, GA and also holds advanced certification in CLEAR Scoliosis Correction, Spinal Correction and Nutrition. He and his wife, Joanna, have been married for six years and have two adorable little boys, Charlie (3 years old) & Jack (2 years old). Together, they look forward to influencing the way people view and manage their health in the Metro-Atlanta community, assisting their patients in reaching their God-given potential.