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Dog Full Groom standard 90 minutes

2 Options

Puppy First Groom / Visit

A positive introduction to the grooming experience to meet & greet, have a sniff about and cuddle. A shorter visit to incorporate a warm bath, gentle brushing and drying. Face trim, nail trim and hygiene trim included if required. Ideal for pups from 12 weeks old who've received vaccinations.

£28 · 45 minutes

Cat brush through 15 mins

Please note we are not able to brush out mats and knots will be clipped out to ensure comfort of your cat.

From £25.00 · 15 minutes

Dog Full Groom 1 hour (short hair / flat coated)

This is for shorter haired breeds or flat coated breeds who only require a hour groom appointment -if you're unsure on time required please message us. Priced between £32-38

1 hour

Hand Stripping

For wire or silk coats from £45

Please call us for quotation as depends on size / breed / condition · 2 hours

Guinea Pig brush, hygiene clean, & nail trim

Regular brushing will help keep your guinea pig's coat in good condition. The need for brushing depends on how long your guinea pig's hair is and whether your guinea pig is shedding excessively. Long-haired guinea pig breeds should have any mats combed out every day. If you have a hard time managing the long coat, the hair can also be trimmed to more easily manage it. Short-haired guinea pigs need only be brushed about once a week but if they are shedding and losing more hair than usual, brush them at least every other day. There are only a few reasons why your guinea pig would ever need to get a bath. Unless your guinea pig gets lice, gets urine or faeces on its fur, or is about to be in a show or other competition, you'll probably never have to bathe it if you brush it regularly. If your Guinea Pig requires any de-matting this can be clipped out for an additional £5-£10.

£20 · 30 minutes

Rabbit brush, hygiene clean and nail trim

Rabbits regularly groom themselves and grooming removes excess fur that might be ingested causing problems with hairballs. We provide rabbit and guinea pig grooming by a highly experienced small animal groomer. We offer a wide selection of small animal grooming options including rabbit and guinea pig bottom shaves, bottom baths, full body baths and nail trims. Sometimes your pet may get a dirty bottom due to excess weight, illness or just because he is a little lazy. We offer the 'bottom shave' service to help with this problem, so that it does not evolve into such problems as flystrike, urine burns and deformity of the genital area. Flystrike is a deadly disease that occurs when flies lay their eggs on damp or dirty fur. These eggs hatch into maggots which feed on the living rabbit. Flystrike can develop in under twenty four hours and is sadly often fatal. Regular checking of your rabbit, frequent grooming, a clean pen and using flystrike preventative treatments on your rabbit will provide the best protection.

Price may vary from £20-£35 depending on requirements £30 · 45 minutes

Anal glands

£10 · 15 minutes

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning Consultation & first treatment

Painless, gentle and thorough removal of plaque and bacteria from your pets teeth with regular use. Cleans the teeth of dogs thoroughly with a motionless and silent toothbrush. Because the electric toothbrush works completely noiselessly, the toothbrush is also suitable for nervous or dogs refusing to care for teeth with a conventional model. Sonic tooth cleaning helps to effectively prevent gingivitis, periodontitis and calculus, mouth odour and tooth loss. Available as add on to groom appointment or as stand alone treatment or on a course of treatment. This includes dog's own toothbrush head to be used in further treatments.

£35 · 45 minutes

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning x 1 Session

Stand alone session - this is only bookable after consultation and first session has been completed. If you'd like to book course of treatment please select Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning Course.

Courses of treatments are also available please call us to discuss prices £18 · 30 minutes

Dog wash & dry small dog (Chihuahua / Maltese / Jack Russell / Border)

Bath, facial wash, dry, ear clean.

From £20.00 pending breed, size, length of hair · 30 minutes

Dog Wash & Dry (medium Spaniel, Cockerpoo, Schnauzer)

Bath, facial wash, dry, ear clean

£32.00 · 1 hour

Dog Wash & Dry Large (Labrador, Lurcher, Retriever, GSD)

Bath, facial wash, dry, ear clean, nail trim included

£40-55 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Dog Wash & De-shed (Double coated breeds, Samoyed, Husky)

Bath, facial wash, de-shed loose / dead hair, ear clean, nail trim included

£55-£75 pending size and coat type / condition · 2 hours 30 minutes

Nail trim (cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits)

£10 · 15 minutes

Face trim & eye clean

£10 · 15 minutes

Hygiene trim

£10 · 15 minutes

Cat standard groom (brush, dematting, clipping)

Brush through, de-shed any loose / dead hair, clipping of knots / mats. Tearless shampoo wipes used if needed, ear clean, nail trim if required.

£45 · 30 minutes

Cat groom (bath, dry, brush, dematting, clipping)

Bath, dry, brush, de-shed and loose / dead hair, clipping of any mats (we only recommend is bathed if absolutely essential or if cat is used to being bathed) This is not appropriate for elderly or anxious cats.

£60 · 1 hour