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We focus on unnecessary wealth transfers to increase your circle of wealth. We have learned that there is more money to be made in avoiding the losses then trying to pick the winners.
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Our Services

Introduction Meeting
Building Income Plan
We build out the income plan to maximize our clients income so we can get them through their projected life expectancy with out running out of money. There will be detailed reports on how and where to pull the funds from year to year.
General Consultation
This is a general meeting to consult on their current benefits to give them an understanding on how their current benefits are structured and how to utilize them.
Health Insurance Consultation
To help our clients enroll for a new health insurance plan or renew their existing coverage. We also help them apply for a government subsidy if they qualify to help them lower their cost. We help the clients select the best network to meet their needs and go over the different plan designs for the new plan year.
Medicare Review
We review the existing Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, and Part D plan designs for the new plan year. We go over any network and RX changes for the different plan year for the different carriers.
Social Security Income Maximization
We generate a detailed report on exactly how and when to file for Social Security Benefits to show our clients how to use the different strategies to maximize their Social Security Income. This makes up a large part of their income plan.
Policy Review
Meet to review policies.
Annual Income plan review
Meet to review current income plan that was implemented and to update any changes.
Life Insurance
Disability Insurance
Long Term Care Planning
Follow up Meeting
To follow up from the introduction meeting to share where we found the money to be able to put more in the client's accumulated assets so their future is more solid.
Policy Delivery
Social Security Seminar
Learn How to Maximize your Benefits
Medicare Seminar
Clearing Up the Confusion
Investment Review
Annuity meeting

Our Staff

Carold Ownbey
Travis Griffin