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Individual Astrology Session - 60 min

*Birthdate, time and location needed for accuracy.

$90 · 1 hour

Composite Relationship Astrology Session - 60 minutes

A composite reading is an astrological view of the relationship itself. Meaning, that this takes a combination of both partners individual charts and creates a separate chart view of the relationship itself. Great for romantic or business partnerships. *Birthdates, times and locations needed for accuracy.

$111 · 1 hour

Synastry Relationship Astrology Session - 60 min

Synastry relationship readings reveal how compatible two people are together. It’s taking each partner’s chart and seeing how they line up with one another. More ideal for newer relationships, whether it be romantic or business. *Birthdates, times and locations needed for accuracy.

$111 · 1 hour

In-person Reiki Energy Healing - 60 min

Location is based in Austin Texas @ The Holistic House of Healing. If you are looking to book an in-person energy healing please notify me ahead with your availability so I can make sure space is secured.

$80 · 1 hour

Remote/Distance Reiki Energy Healing - 60 min

This will be a guided distant healing session over the phone (works just as well as in-person!)

$70 · 1 hour

Mastermind Coaching

Learn how to master your mind and overcome self-limiting beliefs and patterns through one on one coaching sessions. Continuous sessions are recommended in order to achieve full benefit and support of conscious reprogramming methods to help your overall quality of life.

$88 · 1 hour

Spiritual Awakening Guidance

Going through a spiritual awakening can feel very lonely, confusing and scary. Together, through one on one coaching, we will discuss and work through your experiences to help you understand how to integrate this into your life as you awaken to your true self.

$88 · 1 hour

Mini Astrology Reading - 30 min

One area of overview for full 20 minutes or two very high level questions, 10 minutes each. This reading is optional via phone or email.

$50 · 30 minutes

Reiki Express - 30 min

In-person or remote/phone option available (distance reiki has the same effects as an in-person healing season)

$50 · 30 minutes

October Promo: Soul Guidance

Free · 30 minutes


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