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Our Services

!!!!!!!!!!! Space is Limited PLEASE, come by yourself.. YOU WILL BE CHARGED !!!!
Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
consultations can be done via text, email, phone or in person..
Pre wash scalp treatment
Hot oil treatment
Locks feeling really dry. This treatment is for you.
Lock deep cleansing (ACV)
Your locks will be soaked specially treated water. This pre-wash treatment will work its way deep in to your locks to remove product buildup. This doesn't include lock grooming. This is an add on service.
Herbal treatment (final rinse)
Starter locs (short kinky textured hair)
3” - shoulder length
Starter Locs (short )Straight Hair
Starter Locks ( Shoulder blade length) Straight Hair
Starter Locks Shoulder Length (kinky texture)
Crown Retwist
If your sides are shaved (all around) and have locks on the top (only).
Mohawk retwist
Sides are shaved.
Touch Up
retwist hairline
After getting your locks groom but you still want that finishing touch. Why not get style....
Lock curls
Pipe cleaner curls
Children cornrows
Children locks full service (7 and under)
Wash, retwist, style.
Children locks (8-13yrs; full service)
Wash, retwist, style
Senior citizen (full service locks) age 60+
Wash, retwist, and a style.
De-fuzz your Locs
Loc's cut in to a style
Even out, cut in to style, etc...
Lock repair
Permanent lock extension (appointment most be made a week in advance!)
$200 for the Hair (not included). Depending on length desired. A non refundable/ non transferable deposit of half (1/2) the service price is required to set the appointment. Payable via cash app or emailed invoice.
Comb coils
Natural hair styles
Bantu knots
Twist outs

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