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Shampoo & Style

VIP shampoo services include a custom deep oil steam treatment. Additional fees may apply for long, thick or virgin hair. There are also additional charges for weave installs not done me your stylist. Starting at $100

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Color services

All prices listed below are a'la'carte for you to choose the services that fit your needs best. Price of this service completely depends upon the amount of time & processes that are required to achieve any particular level of correction. New or lapsed clients require consultation prior to booking. Please note that the color services listed do not include a Shampoo or style. Price Starting at $100

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Olaplex bond protection

Olaplex is hair insurance that your stylist can recommend to add to your color process make the hair stronger during color processing. 2 step process includes color additive plus treatment.

$50 · 15 minutes

Hair Extensions

Please consult with stylist prior to booking if there are any time restrictions concerning your appointment. All extensions services require a $150 none refundable deposit. This deposit secures your appointment and will apply to you balance. Any appts not canceled before 72hrs will be forfended. All extensions services are recommended to have a consultation. This is only the deposit and extension services varies in price. Starting Price $400 micro links start at $575

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New client consultation

New clients are required to have a consult to ensure the service you are looking for can be successfully achieve. Consultations are done virtually at this time. This includes any service duration time requires more than a hour. Having a consultation is an extremely important process. It’s my opportunity to meet with the client hands-on to analyze the condition of the natural hair and scalp. It is also an opportunity to discuss styling details and to make sure the client is a good candidate for the service they are requesting. Consultation is a service and is non refundable. Clients who book a service after the consultation can applied the fee to the total prices once your hair care service has been completed. Services that requires Consultation Micro link extensions Weave installs Type extensions All color services Hair care services Cuts Clip in extensions Wig installs Closure & Frontal placements ( Please note if you miss your appointment you will still be charge.)

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Rachel V

FOUNDER + CEO of Salon Rache & Celebuton hair Hair stylist, & wig maker RACHEL THOMPSON, who is very much a CELEBUTON in her own right. With over 20 years experience in the beauty industry, specializing in precision cutting, hair coloring, and all extensions services. Style, sophistication, sexy, exclusive, couture and as timeless as old Hollywood. RACHEL is a woman that embodies all of these characteristics as your fellow CELEBUTON. Not afraid to be daring, setting trends, and leading those around her in fashion and beauty. CELEBUTON helps the everyday women achieve CELEBUTON status through our hair lengthening and styling products.