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Adult Acne HF Facial​

Adult Acne HF Facial​ This treatments creates an anti-acne environment that kills and destroys acne-causing bacteria. During your (HF) high frequency treatment, enriched oxygen molecules are produced, which create an anti-bacterial action that helps your blood vessels push out p-bacteria (acne causing bacteria) and other toxins, while creating oxygenated nutrients inside the cells. Additionally, increases blood circulation and cellular renewal which supports increased levels of collagen and elastin. Includes: 1. Deep​​ pore cleanse 2. Acne enzyme treatment 3. Extractions 4. High Frequency 5. Oxygen treatment 6. Blue-light LED 7. Moisturizer & SPF

$175 · 1 hour 30 minutes

After-Chemical Peel Facial

All dead-peeling skin is removed. Includes: 1. Deep cleansing 2. Extractions of blackhead and Milia 3. Vitamin mask to infuse nourishment into new skin 4. Ultra Sound Treatment 5. LED Therapy 6. Specialty Serums & Dewy Skin SPF

$120 · 1 hour

Co2 Treatment

NO DOWNTIME! CO2 Benefits: Tissue repair, matrix formation, blood vessel growth, anti-bacterial, promotes growth factor communication. CO2 Results: Cells regenerate, waste product removed, collagen stimulated, bacteria killed. By increasing the Co2 concentration within the skin it naturally leads to a decrease in pH which will result in the release of oxygen. The CO2 TREATMENT improves skin oxygenation immediately following treatment, which in effect results in an artificial Bohr effect. The chemical reaction that takes place effectively helps to remove unwanted toxins from the skin, at the same time increasing skin nutrition. Results: 1. Instantly kills acne causing bacteria 2. Pore size reduced over a course of treatments. 3. Expression lines & Wrinkles will be reduced. 4. Skin will feel firmer. 5. Skin will look more radiant as skin tone is balanced.

$150 · 1 hour

Custom Chemical Peel

We offer a range of Light to Deep chemical peel treatments. All peels are customized to specifically treat your skin-type and skin-condition. By doing so, assures you the maximum benefits, repair, skin-rejuvenation, and best possible results. LIGHT PEEL: 1. Instantly dissolves a few layers of dead skin. 2. Helps to build new collage and tones skin. 3. Will diminish fine lines and instantly rejuvenates skin. Minimum down-time of 24-48 hours with some mild redness. May or may not have flakes. LIGHT PEEL ENHANCED: 1. Includes everything in Light Peel, plus 2. Derma-planing (removal of facial hair & dead skin) 3. Vitamin A to enhance skin-beautification Minimum down-time of 3-5 days with some mild redness. Skin should turn dark nor burnt-looking. Your skin will have good shedding of skin. You will peel. Results will be very noticeable. MID-DEPTH (DEEP) CHEMICAL PEEL: 1. Removes several layers of dead skin. 2. Builds volumes of collagen & elastin 3. Creates total skin rejuvenation. 4. Greatly diminishes wrinkles and rids all fine lines. 5. Can remove up to 80% of sun damage spots 6. Your skin will appear very youthful-looking and radiant. Downtime is usually 5-7 days. Derma-planing is included.

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Dermal-Repair Facial Series

Includes 3 Treatments: This treatment is a multiple-treatment process, completed once per month for 3-6 months. This allows the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin, switches on the repair mechanism, and supplies energy for the Cell-Repair process to fully complete. While results will be seen after your 1st treatment, a series of treatments (once per month) are required to achieve optimum, youthfulness, and full dermal repair, as seen with this Client. RESULTS: *Skin will look Youthful & Radiant *Wrinkles, gone! *Neck becomes firm & tight *Crows feet are gone *Dark spots have greatly diminished

$475 · 1 hour

Dermaplaning Facial

Dermaplaning is a safe, non-invasive professional exfoliation treatment that removes Vellus hair (peach fuzz) and layers of dead skin cells. The peach fuzz on our face tends to collect dirt and excess oil in the follicle and sits on the surface of the skin that over time may cause blackheads or will invade your pores. Regular removal is an excellent anti-aging/anti blemish treatment as it keeps pores free of excess oil while simultaneously preventing premature wrinkles. ​ Includes: 1. Deep cleanse 2. Professional DermaPlaning 3. Hydrating oil 4. Vitamin or Hydrojelly mask 5. Ultrasonic treatment 6. Specialty Serums & Moisturizers

$160 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Firming Enzyme Facial

This is my Signature treatment. During this Fantastic Facial treatment, I pamper your skin with therapies to ensure it receives profound remedies that assures beautiful, glowy, and youthful-looking results. When you leave, your skin will be more toned, plump, dewy, and very radiant. You're going to love your new look. Includes: 1. Deep steamy cleanse 2. Professional Derma-planing 3. Passion Enzyme Treatment 4. Extractions 5. Hydro-jelly or Vitamin Mask 6. Custom Serums 7. Moisturize and SPF You will leave relaxed with very clean, smooth, and hydrated skin.

$175 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Eyebrows: Facial Clients Only

Eyebrows are cleaned, conditioned, Custom-Shaped, and set. This is a very relaxing, tranquil, and pampering eyebrow service. PRICE: - shaping with other skincare = $25 - 1st time Shaping with other skincare = $40

2 Options

Micro-Needling Treatment

A minimally invasive treatment that is used to treat skin concerns via collagen production. Also known as collagen induction therapy (CIT). This treatment may help those looking to reduce the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks, deep wrinkles, pigmentation problems, and overall skin beautification concerns.. Major Benefits: 1. Reduces/Eliminates Wrinkles & Scars 2. Tightens and Firms skin 3. Helps to eliminate jowls 4. Help to diminish Melasma and Dark Spots 5. Stimulates the production of real collagen

$575 · 2 hours

Pigment Peel (Melasma Treatment)

This treatment is specifically pigmentation issues associated with skin of color. Effectively lightens pigmentation due to MELASMA, and Sun Damage. RESULTS: 1. drastically reduces MELASMA & dark spots 2. lighten & tightens skin 3. diminishes lines & wrinkles

$350 · 1 hour 30 minutes

RF Treatment

This is an advance aesthetic, Anti-Aging treatment using new technology Radio Frequency. Treatment is hi​ghly effective for Toning & Shaping skin, Tightening Skin, and greatly diminishing wrinkles. About: 1. Face (area 1): It will tone & tighten loose skin, sagging jowls, and diminish wrinkles! 2. Neck & Chin (area 2): This treatment will tighten loose necks and eliminate double-chins. 3. Tummy (area 3), Flanks (area 4): Melts fat and will shrink areas treated. Results are immediate. After receiving each treatment (per area), you will see a visible improvement in your face/body. Again, results are very visible to the eye and long-lasting (if you refrain from weight-causing activities).

2 Options

V-line Face Shape

This newly developed Medical-Grade treatment creates a long-lasting V-shaped (heart or diamond shape) face in 5-days. Results are extremely visual and very beautifying. A consultation is required to determined eligibility, real-life expectations, and actual & achievable results and benefits. Consultation cost is $50 and is not included in cost of Treatment. RESULTS: 1. Slimmer Face 2. Re-shaped Face 3. Creates a Heart-Shaped Face (V-line) 4. Eliminates Fat cells 5. Chin & Jaw-line lifted and firmer 6. Remove puffiness 7. Firms and tones skin

$500 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Consultation & Skin Assessment

During your Consultation, you will receive a thorough Skin Evaluation. You and I will discuss your skincare concerns, and then agree on an effective treatment plan to help you reach your skincare goals.

$50 · 30 minutes


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