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During your Consultation, you will receive a thorough Skin Evaluation. You and I will discuss your skincare concerns, and then agree on an effective treatment plan to help you reach your skincare goals.
Dermal-Repair Facial
This treatment is a multiple-treatment process, completed once per month for 3-6 months. This allows the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin, switches on the repair mechanism, and supplies energy for the Cell-Repair process to fully complete. While results will be seen after your 1st treatment, a series of treatments (once per month) are required to achieve optimum, youthfulness, and full dermal repair, as seen with this Client. RESULTS: *Client shown here, received 6 treatments: *Skin will look Youthful & Radiant *Wrinkles, gone! *Neck becomes firm & tight *Crows feet are gone *Dark spots have greatly diminished *Looks 10+ years younger COST: 1 for $300 3 for $825
V-line Treatment
This newly developed Medical-Grade treatment creates a long-lasting V-shaped (heart shaped) face in 5-days. Results are extremely visual and very beautiful looking. Pre-treatment consultation is required to determined eligibility, real-life expectations, and actual benefits. Consultation cost is $125 and is not included in cost of Treatment. RESULTS: 1. Slimmer Face 2. Re-shape Face 3. Creates a Heart-Shaped Face (V-line) 4. Eliminates Fat cells 5. Chin & Jaw-line lifted and firmer 6. Remove puffiness
Co2 Treatment
NO DOWNTIME! CO2 Benefits: Tissue repair, matrix formation, blood vessel growth, anti-bacterial, promotes growth factor communication. CO2 Results: Cells regenerate, waste product removed, collagen stimulated, bacteria killed. By increasing the Co2 concentration within the skin it naturally leads to a decrease in pH which will result in the release of oxygen. The CO2 TREATMENT improves skin oxygenation immediately following treatment, which in effect results in an artificial Bohr effect. The chemical reaction that takes place effectively helps to remove unwanted toxins from the skin, at the same time increasing skin nutrition. 1. Instantly kills acne causing bacteria 2. Pore size reduced over a course of treatments. 3. Expression lines & Wrinkles will be reduced. 4. Skin will feel firmer. 5. Skin will look more radiant as skin tone is balanced.
Dermaplaning Facial
Dermaplaning is a skin treatment that uses an exfoliating blade to skim dead skin cells and hair from your face. Dermaplaning aims to make your skin’s surface smooth, youthful, and radiant.
Custom Chemical Peel
This treatment is for Aged, Damaged, or Acne Skin Conditions. You will receive a Medical-Grade Peel to help diminish fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and/or Acne infections. This treatment has 2-4 days of minor down-time for skin healing and peeling.
Mid-depth Chemical Peel
This is a deeper chemical peel which is able to remove several dead layers of skin, creating magnificent results. This treatment will remove sun damage, fine lines, diminish wrinkles, and profoundly rejuvenate your skin. A Consultation is required prior, to receiving this Treatment.
Micro-Current Treatment - Series of 3
This is an ADVANCED Micro-Current treatment. This is a face-lifting treatment that produces profound youthful-looking results. RESULTS: - diminishes Wrinkles - lifts Face - tightens Neck - repairs Jowls by lifting &tightening cheek muscles INCLUDES: 1. Facial 2. Enzyme Exfoliation 3. Advanced Micro-current Therapy 4. Skin Tightening Therapy 5. Treatment Mask 6. LED Therapy 7. Serums, Hydration, and SPF Protection
Acne Scar Treatment
This Advanced Collagen Remolding treatment dramatically improves skin texture and tone. Treatment repairs scar tissue by creating volumes of new, remodeled collagen. COSTS: 1 for $375 3 for $975 6 for $1650
Pigment Peel (Melasma Treatment)
This treatment is specifically pigmentation issues associated with skin of color. Effectively lightens pigmentation due to MELASMA, and Sun Damage. 1/$225 (or) Series of 3/$600 RESULTS: 1. drastically reduces MELASMA & dark spots 2. lighten & tightens skin 3. diminishes lines & wrinkles
Oxygen Facial
Oxygen bubbles penetrate into skin enhancing blood circulation, detoxification, and refines skin. Treatment Revives, BRIGHTENS, tones, and beautify skin. RESULTS: 1. inhibits melanin production 2. exfoliates dead skin cells 3. brightens skin
Enzyme Facial
This is a deep cleansing enzyme facial to reduce/eliminate acne, fine lines, and to unclog pores and follicular congestion. INCLUDES: 1. Deep Cleanse 2. Treatment Mask 3. Extractions (w/Super Enzyme) 4. High-Frequency (w/Super Enzyme) 5. Moisturizer & SPF
Express Facial
Those whom are on-the-go and just need a quick Deep Pore Cleansing treatment, this is for you. INCLUDES: 1. deep steam cleanse 2. light enzyme exfoliation 3. enriching serums 4. moisturizer & dewy SPF

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