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Custom Chemical Peel

We offer a range of Light to Deep chemical peel treatments. All peels are customized to specifically treat your skin-type and skin-condition. By doing so, assures you the maximum benefits, repair, skin-rejuvenation, and best possible results. Light Peel: 1. Instantly dissolves a few layers of dead skin. 2. Helps to build new collage and tones skin. 3. Will diminish fine lines and instantly rejuvenate skin. Minimum down-time of 24-48 hours with some mild redness. Includes Derma-planing to enhance treatment. Mid-depth Peel: 1. Removes several layers of dead skin. 2. Builds volumes of collagen & elastin 3. Creates total skin rejuvenation. 4. Greatly diminishes wrinkles and rids all fine lines. 5. Can remove up to 90% of sun damage spots Your skin will appear very youthful-looking and radiant. Downtime is 5-7 days. Dermaplaning is optional with an addition cost. Deep Peel: Starts at $350, can go up to $550.

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