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Over Seas Peeps: Australians please use the clinic phone number (808) 634-0346 to secure the booking and your email address. Ur mobile may not work.

Payment is made after the service.

Experienced Massage Therapist: Susan Wilesmith: MAT:9933.

Phone appointments can be reached at (808) 634-0346.

AlohaVeda Spa Clinic Location Pa'ia: MAE: 3359
42 Baldwin Avenue: Opposite Mana Foods and Upstairs from Cafe Des Amis.
Steps upstairs to the Clinic.
Parking: Street Parking is one hour/ Mana Foods Car park - 2 hours. Free Parking along Hana Highway near the Gas Station, walking distance to Clinic. Paid parking near Post Office (Baldwin Ave) and Charlies (Access Hana Highway)

AlohaVeda Clinics offers unique quality Ayurvedic Treatments, Panchakarma detox, General Massage, Organic Ayurveda Products, Education Courses.
Contact: Susan Wilesmith - Founder of AlohaVeda and Principle Therapist.
OPEN: 11AM - 7PM - MONDAY - SUNDAY - Last appointment 5.30pm
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Our Services

Receive 1 Hour Abhyanga Massage (Warm Oil Massage) for $70 instead of $80
Pregnancy Massage
Warm Oil , Warm Stones and Warm Towel Compressions Side lying positions, each side. Nourishing and Nurturing
Abhyanga (Warm Oil Massage and Shirodhara) Normally $120 - 1.5 hour Deal: $105 Month November only
Gift Certificate - 1 hour
Gift your loved one Purchase online - leave a name and address in notes and we will post the Gift Certificate off for you.
12 Month Home Detox Plan
ONE YEAR HEALTH PLAN - Get the Ayurveda Rhythm down! If you are interested in Ayurveda, have interest in Ayurvedic Cleansing and Daily Routine this is for you!. Takes a year to truly change your habits and patterns and develop an Ayurvedic Lifestyle. Inspired by a Client: DETOX INTO DESTINY! Includes: SUPPORT (12 Ayurveda Consultations - once a month) FOCUS ON : NUTRITION, EXERCISE, SLEEP, CLEANSING DETOX PACKAGE POST DETOX PACKAGE Weekly emails Monthly Phone Consultations. For more information - email:
Receive: Accommodation Daily: Yoga Meditation Qi Gong Ayurveda Consultation prior to arrival 2 hour Panchakarma Detox daily with experienced Therapist/ or two Therapists Ayurveda Meals Daily Post Ayurveda Consultation Pick up and drop off at Airport if needed Minimum : 5 days/ Maximum 30 days Location: Big Island, Moloka'i, Maui Extra Bonus: Moloka'i: Secluded Reclusive Island - ideal for the ultimate relaxation getaway. House on the beach. Maui: Clinic is based at 42 Baldwin Avenue. Pa'ia Maui.
Your Personal Dolphin Marine Manta Ray Retreat: Big Island Receive: Drop off and Pick up from Airport Accommodation Yummy Organic Vegetarian Food Early morning swim with Dolphins - 4 hours a day - 4 days One night swim with Manta Rays Afternoon Massage /Facial Daily Evening Qi Gong Yoga/Meditation
Receive: Drop off and Pick up from Airport Accommodation Whale Watching x 4 trips - 9am - 2.30pm Afternoon Yoga /Qi Gong Evening Massage/Facial x 1 hour Island fun and excursions Yummy Organic Vegetarian Food Organi
RECEIVE: August - October Accommodation Yummy Organic Vegetarian Meals 5 Whale Watching Tours - 4 hours per day 1 Hour daily Massage or Facial Yoga / Qi Gong Daily Meditation Daily
Book a time to say hi, ask questions about Ayurveda Health , Herbs and Services. Receive a free Pulse Diagnosis. 15 Minutes
Half Hour Massage - Enhancement
Half Hour Massage of choice - Swedish, Deep Tissue or Lomi Lomi or combination of all three
Aromatherapy Enhancement
Add Aromatherapy oils to your massage Choice of 4 - 6 Aromatherapy healing oils
Cellulite - Enhancement
Dry Brushing to requested areas, with additional Ayurveda Cellulite Cream applied to skin and massaged with massage oil.
Balancing Belly - Enhancement
Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage with Lomi Lomi Followed by Castor Oil Pack and Ayurveda Belly Mask Belly wrapped in Banana Leaves and Warm Towels. Add onto your massage or single treatment
Chinese Cupping - Enhancement
Chinese Cupping increases oxygen and blood flow to muscles creating healing. Balances Yin and Yang Chi . Warm Towel compressions after Cuffing. Nice addition to deep tissue/mixed or lomilomi massage..
Decongestant - Nasya - Enhancement
Essential oil nasal steam while face down or up using our essential oils and infused crystal water. Nasya Treatment if requested as an addition. Herbalized Ayurveda Oil to Nose.
Ear Treatment - Ayurveda - Enhancement
Warm Oil applied to the ears Supports fine Vata Bones in ears. Inner Ear Dryness Tinnitis - ringing in ears. Includes Scalp , neck and shoulder Massage
Eyes - Vision - Netra Basti - Enhancement
Ghee Eye Treatment to nourish eyes, helps support vision and dry and irritated eyes. Dough filled with triphala ghee around the eyes, followed by eye lid massage and warm compresses.
Foot Polish - Enhancement
Foot Police Scrub, followed by Noni Foot Mask , wrapped in T Leaf and warm Towels. Moisturizing massage. Add onto your Massage
Gemstone Massage - Enhancement
Add to your Massage Gemstones have been charged up by the full moon and sunshine for ultimate solar system energy activation. Clear Quarts scientifically projects energy Chakra Stones included
Hair Treatment -with Brahmi Coconut Oil
Warm Hair Oil Treatment - Warm Ayurveda Oil idea for hair massage applied to the hair line, massaged into scalp and wrapped in warm towels. Followed by neck, shoulder and face massage
Hands, Feet & Face - Enhancement
Hand and Feet Coco Butter Massage infused with Warm Towel wraps - steamed and followed by hand, foot and face massage (includes facial Mask)
Healing Hands - Enhancement
Hand Massage followed by Castor Oil Pack to hands, wrapped in warm towels. Idea for arthritic joints. Add onto treatment or single treatment
Herbal Steam - 20 Mins - Enhancement
Detox your skin with an aromatic herbal steam
Joint Balm - Enhancement
Add additional Joint Balm to your Massage treatment
Knee (JNANA) Basti - Joint Pain - Enhancement
Treatment to the back of the knee to heal nerves and tissues supporting the knee. Dough filled with oil and placed on back of knee and emptied and refilled several times witn nourishing Ayurveda oils. Followed by myofacial massage to supporting muscles
Lower Back - Kati Basti - Enhancement
Supportive treatment for Sciatica. Dough filled with warm oil placed on the lower spine. Emptied and refilled several times during the 30 minutes. Followed by Warm herbal pack for deep relaxation and myofacial massage to supporting muscles.
Mini Facial - Facial Cleanse, Mask, Guasha and gemstone facial massage
30 Minute mini facial using Organic Products Lymphatic face massage with Guasha and gemstones Enhancement add on if needed
Nervous System Rebalancing - Marma Point Massage
Marma Therapy Treatment. Relaxing treatment focuses on meridian points of the Body. Blue Apatite used along with finger pressure for Meridian pressure. Blue Apatite is a cleansing gemstone specifically for Meridians. Blue Apatite gemstone clears negative energy and clears the pathway for intuition, meditation and aligns the mind for use of personal power.
Pohaku - Hawaiian Hot Stone treatment
Add hot stones to your massage for deeper relaxation and warmth to the joints and muscles.
Ayurveda Massage for Scalp, Head and Neck
Warm Brahmi Ayurveda Oil used for Scalp and Head and Neck.
Upper Body De-Stress - Enhancement
Massage for neck and shoulders Warm Compresses included
Weary Feet - Enhancement
Coconut Milk Rose Foot Bath - with Reflexology Massage
Yoni Steam - Enhancement - 10 Min
Experience a Yoni Steam before treatment Complimentary Scalp and neck massage Seated position over Yoni Steaming Herbs (organic) Supports Uterus, Ovaries, PMS, Menstrual Cycle, Menopause
20 Mins - Yoni Steam - Cleanses ovaries, uterus, benefits: Menstruation, Reproductive area and Menopause Followed by: 60 Min Aromatherapy Warm Oil Massage - Nourishes immune and nervous system Followed by: 60 Min Organic Facial - Deeply relaxing 10 Min Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage - Purifying and detoxifying
INTUITIVE MASSAGE - Massage with Energy Work
Intuitive Massage incorporating gemstones, qi gong, chi nei tsang, myofacial, cranial sacral, healing bowl and marma point therapy.
Deep Tissue - 1 hour
Relieves chronic disorders Includes Deep lomilomi, Myofacial Release, Trigger Point therapy and Medical Massage
Deep Tissue - 1.5 hour
Deep and penetrating massage breaking up fascia Includes Deep Lomi Lomi, Myofacial Release, Trigger Point Therapy and Medical Massage
Lomi Lomi Massage - 1 hour
Hawaiian Ho-oponopono (forgive and let go) traditional massage
Ho'oponopono Healing Massage - 1.5 hour
Traditional Hawaiian healing massage Taught to me by my teacher on Kauai. Alan Alapa'i (Kumu)
Pohaku - Hot stones - 1.5 hour treatment with Lomilomi Massage
Receive a Lomi Lomi including Hot stones for extra warmth to relax and soothe aching muscles
Ho'oponopono Healing - 2 hours
2 hours: Taught to me by my teacher Alan Alapi'i - Kauai To release , let go, forgive, Hawaiian Healing Massage.
Mixed Massage - 1 hour
Combination of Swedish, Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue and Abhyanga Massage (Warm Oil Massage)
Mixed Massage - 1.5 hour
Receive combination of Swedish , Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue and Warm Oil Massage (Abhyanga)
Mixed Massage - 2 hours
Receive a combination of Swedish, Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue and Warm Oil Massage (Abhyanga)
Swedish Massage - 1 hour
Soothing and relaxing massage
Swedish Massage - 1.5 hour
Soothing and relaxing massage
Ayurveda Consultation
Enhance your lifestyle with an Ayurvedic Consultation includes Dietary/ Lifestyle and Intuitive downloading. Determining imbalances - and go to create a balance with Ayurveda protocols and intuitive skills.
Ayurveda Cleanse - Panchakarma
Ayurvedic - Thousands of years before modern medicine provided scientific evidence for the mind-body connection, the sages of India developed Ayurveda, which continues to be one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful mind-body health systems. More than a mere system of treating illness, Ayurveda is a science of life (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge). It offers a body of wisdom designed to help people stay vibrant and healthy while realizing their full human potential. Please see website for details on Panchakarma. PANCHA (Five) KARMA (Action) Daily Panchakarma Treatments: 1.5 Hours per day / Enema take home - KItchari & Tea provided (cleansing meal and herbal cleansing) Panchakarma Treatments Only: No Accommodation $175 per day :
Ayurveda - Abhyanga Massage - 60 Min - Warm Oil Massage
Warm Oil Massage Enhances digestion, immune and nervous system balancing. Stress reducing. Balances women's hormones and enhances sleep. The treatment offered is a toasty warm oil “samvahana” massage which uses a traditional Ayurvedic oil with 38 herbs in a base of black sesame. The oil is named after the deity of Ayurveda for its far-reaching benefits. Long sweeping strokes across the whole body unblock energy channels , balancing chakras and masculine and feminine energy on both sides of the body. This massage is undraped, covered by a sheet and is very oily. Warm towels are applied in Paia location, hot shower is available at Makawao location.
Ayurveda - Abhyanga Massage 90 mins - Warm Oil Massage
Thousands of years before modern medicine provided scientific evidence for the mind-body connection, the sages of India developed Ayurveda, which continues to be one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful mind-body health systems. More than a mere system of treating illness, Ayurveda is a science of life (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge). It offers a body of wisdom designed to help people stay vibrant and healthy while realizing their full human potential. Massage of Warm oil pour of Ayurvedic Oils for 90 mins Lymphatic drainage style of massage Benefits of applying oil to the body (abhyanga): Imparts softness, strength and color to the body. Decreases the effects of aging. Bestows good vision. Nourishes the body. Increases longevity. Benefits sleep patterns. Benefits skin. Strengthens the body's tolerance. This treatment is very oily so please wear old clothing. Pa'ia Location: Hot towels are applied after treatment. Makawao Location: Outdoor shower attached to clinic room
Ayurveda - Footcial - Foot Treatment
Steam, cleanse, scrub, mask and moisturize massage To lower legs and feet. In Addition PadHara Treatment. (Buttermilk or coconut pour to the feet thru a copper vessel). Deeply relaxing and purfiying for the liver.
Ayurveda - Organic Facial
Using Organic natural products of AlohaVeda Skin Care , Eminence and Asea. Gentle facial steam , deep cleanse, exfoliate, mask and moisturize, along with face, neck and head massage.. Includes poultice scrub to feet, shea butter and foot massage, with warm towel pack. Castor and essential oil massage to hands with warm towel pack. Transdermal triphala ghee eye lid massage and around eyes, with cooling and warming pack to eyes. Mama therapy points to face with gemstone massage. Heated pack to neck and shoulders with soothing neck and shoulder massage including Mama Therapy. Nice extra: Castor Oil pack to stomach with Chei Nei Tsang Stomach Massage. / Breast Lymphatic Massage. : please put in notes for additional time : 30 minutes for extra $35.00.
Ayurveda - Adrenal Anchor - Stress Relief - 2 .5 hour treatment - Ayurveda
Ground and support your Adrenals with this nurturing treatment. 1 hour Marma Therapy Treatment (Acupressure Points to reset energy flow) followed by 1 hour Warm Oil Massage (Abhyanga Massage) 10 Min Brahmi Oil - Scalp and Neck Massage 5 Min Brahmi/Triphala Ghee closed eye lid massage followed by cool and warm compresses followed by 15 mins Warm Compressing over Lymph , Thyroid, Lower Back Regions.
Ayurveda - Veda Bliss - Aromatherapy Massage - 1.5 hours - Reduces Stress
Swedish style massage using blend of aromatherapy oils. Aromatherapy Massage Benefits Improved Healing Power. An aromatherapy massage can improve the healing of mind and body. ... Heightened Relaxation. Inhaling essential oil scents can calm the mind and emotions, thus encouraging relaxation and stress release. ... Enhanced Mood. ... Positive Emotional Health. ... Pain & Inflammation Reduction.
Ayurveda - Padhara - Foot Treatment 1.5 hours/ Liver and Mind
Relaxing warm oil massage for 1 hour followed by warm herbal buttermilk/ or coconut herbal milk (vegan) pour to both feet Benefits: Mind, liver, insomnia This is an oily treatment, highly beneficial however wear old clothing. Paia Location: Warm Towels applied to body after treatment. Makawao Location: Outdoor shower attached to clinic.
Ayurveda - Chronic Aches - Petra Swedena - Poultices for inflammatory muscles
Petra Sweda is a type of Ayurvedic massage which is done with warm medicated herbal oils and herb bags. These bags/ boluses are prepared by a combination of herbs depending on the client’s body type as well as health condition. Herbs are tied in linen cloth to make small bags which are then dipped in warm oils and placed on the body. Promote blood circulation Improve lymphatic drainage Soothe nerves Relax muscles Reduce pain, swelling and stiffness Remove metabolic wastes ( hence working as a mini detox) Release stress Induce good sleep It is highly recommended for arthritis, muscle and joints pain, fibromyalgia, frozen shoulders, neck pain and stiffness, Back pain, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, fibroids, menopause, thyroid, PCOS, infertility, endometriosis, stress, depression, sleep problems, psoriasis, gout, allergies. Pa'ia Location: Warm Towels will be applied to body after treatment. Makawao: Outdoor Shower off clinic room. Please wear old clothing.
Ayurveda - Inflammation Muscles - Pinda Swedena - Muscle support / reduces inflammation
Warm Poultice treatments for inflammatory muscles Herbs cooked with rice and warmed in a buttermilk or coconut milk Warm oil massage - Abhyanga Massage for one hour followed by 30 minutes of Pinda Poultices Pinda Swedana Revitalization of the entire body, promoting energy, increased mobility, and flexibility. Builds and restores muscle tissue, aids in muscular fatigue, weakness, and pain. Restores joint function, helpful in arthritis, paralysis, limited mobility. Neuromuscular disorders, including MS, Parkinson's, insomnia. Please wear old clothing Pa'ia Location: Hot towels applied after treatment. Makawao Location: Outdoor Shower attached to Clinic
Ayurveda - Sciatica Treatment - Aching back
1 hour massage followed by Kati Basti Benefits: Relieves pain in the low back and lower limbs Relieves stiffness in the low back and lower limb Relieves swelling and inflammation in the low back, in the bones and soft tissues of the low back Brings lightness and a sense of health in the lower portion of the body Improves movements at the back and lower limbs and enable us to move and work freely Strengthens the low back (bones, muscles and soft tissues therein) Soothes the nerves supplying the low back and legs (lower limbs) Enhances blood supply to the lower back area
Ayurveda - Takradhara - Cooling Mind - 1.5 hour
Benefits: Takradhara is a special Ayurvedic treatment that uses medicated buttermilk.Takra means buttermilk and dhara is a stream. The physiological benefits of Takradhara Ayurvedic Treatment are very similar to that of shirodhara. However, the major difference being use of medicated buttermilk. Takradhara is indicated in following health conditions Stress Reduction Mental Health Immunity What to expect It includes a continuous flow of medicated buttermilk on the forehead. Takradhara Reduces headaches, increases digestive and alleviates anorexia. It is also useful in insomnia, depression and other stress related ailments. How it works Pouring of buttermilk stimulates and soothes the hypothalamus, thereby regulating the functions of pituitary gland and inducing sleep. Please bring something to wrap your hair in after treatment Please wear old clothing as this is an oily treatment. Pa'ia: Warm towels after treatment. Makawao: Outdoor Shower attached to clinic
Ayurveda - Cellulite - Liver Detox / Dry Brushing/ Udwarthana Herbal scrub and steam - Cellulite & Liver Cleansing
Loosens up toxins underneath the skin - Location - as there is a shower facility for showering off herbs after treatment. Ideal for cellulite and blood purification. Full Body Herbal Dry Brushing is applied before the oil massage. Warm Oil Massage with Organic Ayurveda Oils for Udwarthana Scrub Using warm Ayurvedic oil application and massage with organic herbs. Followed by 20 min aromatherapy oil steam to evacuate toxins released from the scrubbing. Warm Shower follows treatment. Please wear old clothing.
Ayurveda - Valuka - Sore Muscles - Warm Sand Bag treatment/ bones and joints
1.5 hour service of Warm oil massage application for 1 hour followed by Warm Sand Bag Poultice application for bones and joints. Sweat is said to be a metabolic waste of fat. By removing the sweat, valuka sweda liquefies the stagnant fat and expels it, thereby correcting the fat metabolism. Valuka Sweda is one of the best Ayurvedic treatments which is used in providing relief from pain and associated conditions related with Rheumatoid arthritis. "Sudation by using sand sacs." PROCEDURE It is a dry sudation therapy, which is carried out with poultices of dry sand. BENEFITS It relieves pain and swellings of Rheumatoid arthritis, joint pains, amavatam (rheumatic fever). BEST FOR Rheumatoid arthritis, joint pains, amavatam. Please wear old clothing as this is an oily treatment. Paia Location: Hot Towels applied after treatment Makawao Location: Outdoor shower attached to clinic
Learn Massage for Couples - 4 hours
Learn a basic massage for couples
Over two weeks - 5 days each week. Last two weeks of November 2019 Learn: Doshas Dhatus Pulse Diagnosis Ayurveda herbal formulations & Nutrition Ayurveda Treatments Chakras & Yoga 9- 12pm : Meditation/ Ayurveda Treatments 12 - 1pm: Lunch 1pm - 5pm: Ayurveda Theory / Meditation and Yoga
Learn to be a Massage Therapist - State Recognized School - 520 Hours
50 hours Anatomy & Physiology 100 hours - Theory & Demonstration 420 hours - Practical Certifications in : Lomi Lomi Swedish Abhyanga Panchakarma Deep Tissue visit website for more details:

Our Staff

Susan Wilesmith
SUSAN WILESMITH: Founder and Owner of AlohaVeda. 16 Years Advanced Ayurveda Studies as Panchakarma Therapist, Ayurveda Herbalist, Lomi Lomi, Deep tissue, Swedish Massage, and many other forms of Massage. Susan has also had 5 Star Spa Experience at Kukio Spa, Mana Lani Spa, Big Island, along with managing Ayurvedic Clinics on Kauai. Susan treats everybody as an individual, focusing on their emotional, physical and spiritual needs for healing in all sessions. Susan opened AlohaVeda Spa on Kauai in 2012, Honoka'a Big Island in 2016, and is excited to bring Ayurveda to Maui, 2018. Susan works out of Pa'ia Clinic (Mon, Tues, Wed,Thur, Fri, Sat) Walk ins are welcome in Pa'ia Clinic located 42 Baldwin Ave.