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Diamond Consultation

Let's Talk Diamonds! We'll discuss the 4C's, identify the quality factors that are important to you, and come up with a game plan for finding the perfect diamond!

Free · 1 hour

Personal Jewelry Consultation

Looking for the perfect gift? Let's sit down to explore options, and find the perfect options for your loved one!

Free · 30 minutes

Gold Buy Consultation

Broken jewelry? Unwanted jewelry? We are always purchasing gold, silver, platinum and diamonds!

Free · 1 hour

Jewelry Repair Consultation

We offer the full spectrum of jewelry repair services. From rebuilding prongs, to sizing rings, to repolishing your well loved diamonds and gemstones. Breath new life into your beloved pieces to make them truly last a lifetime!

Free · 1 hour

Custom Design Consultation

Sometimes, even the most unique style doesn't quite fit your loved one's personality. We offer start to finish custom design that will allow you to incorporate elements of different styles to craft the perfect piece of jewelry! 

Free · 1 hour

Dillon Ewals

I'm a Diamonds Graduate with the Gemological Institute of America, and currently studying to become a Graduate Gemologist through GIA. I'm passionate about delivering a unique experience, and informing my clients so they can make an informed buying decision!