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Our Services

Initial Nutrition Consultation
During this 75 minute session, we will thoroughly cover your goals, nutrition concerns, questions, and get you on the path to incorporating more whole foods and plants into your diet. You’ll walk away from this session with exciting, action steps toward your goals. Please prepare for your initial session by bringing a filled out nutrition history questionnaire and a list of your nutritional goals. Recommended: Minimum (2) follow-up session to revisit and adjust goals; help you find ways to remove barriers; and continue your action plan to propel you forward.
Maintenance Session
These 1-hr follow-up sessions focus on accountability, progress toward goals, exercise and nutrition education, addressing challenges, and helping you stay motivated and empowered. Includes email recap of session including personalized plan with big picture goals and small action steps, applicable handouts, and email support between sessions.
In-Home cooking demonstartion
Putting together a balanced and delicious plant-based meal doesn’t have to be complicated. Let me help you simplify the process. You’ll learn to prepare healthful, plant-based meals that fit within your budget and lifestyle. We will meet at your home where we will work together step-by-step. **Session includes a list of resources (recipes,cookbooks, and videos) to further your WFPB cooking on your own.
Grocery Store Tour
Meet at your grocery store of choice. Tour will guide you through each aisle to determine the healthiest options for your tastes and budget. The one-hour tour will include education on label reading and guidance on meal planning. Recommended: Pantry Make-over and in-Home cooking demonstration for follow-up support.
Pantry Make-over
One of your biggest nutrition hiccups could be your own food pantry. A well-stocked pantry is a must for busy people, and yet to maintain a healthy diet, it’s essential to stock your pantry with options that are both great tasting and nourishing. The pantry makeover will help you to organize your pantry for optimal health benefits; you will also receive a grocery list of wholesome pantry staples. ** Refrigerator and freezer additional cost and time. Please request if desired at time of booking. Recommended: Grocery store your and in-Home cooking demonstration for follow-up support.
Nutritional Screening

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