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Introductory Call

An introductory call w/Valerie to assess what services you may need and see if we're a fit. No services provided.

Free · 15 minutes

Consultation w/Insight / Initial Session

This is an introduction session with Valerie and includes a consultation and a healing session either an Akashic Insight, quantum healing where she will tune into your field.

$275 · 1 hour

Akashic Insight Session - Single Session

Deep dive into any aspect of your soul's journey, insight with me in the Akashic Records. Identity and release any issue on the physical, emotional or spiritual level *Single session - $377.00 Using a combination of Akashic Records, Oracle insight and dimensional updates. English / Light Language

$377 · 1 hour

Light Language Activation

Single session approx. 1 hour Custom activation

$444 · 1 hour

Timeline Mapping 1 hour

Ancient Timeline Mapping Sessions If you’re still holding onto energies from one of more of the ancient timelines, it’s time to fully release/surrender into this now moment. Ancient Timeline Mapping includes: *Decoding multiple timelines including a possible mix of Akashic insight & Healing/update / light language. Use the Booking Calendar your Mapping Session! 1 hour $555

2 Options

Akashic Insight - Couples Session -

Session for a couple, accessing both records

$555.55 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Valerie Elster