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Introductory Call

An introductory call w/Valerie to assess what services you may need and see if we're a fit. No services provided.

Free · 15 minutes

IN PERSON - One on One Immersion with Valerie

Custom 2 or 3 day Immersions in person with Valerie in Redondo Beach or client's location. Days include: *Custom Healing Sessions *Mentor / Coaching / Mastery *Super Human Training *Training in Akashic Records, Quantum Field, Vibrational #Healing Learn from me, private one on one from over 15 years as a Metaphyiscal Practitioner. Activations, Techniques & Knowledge (Local S. Bray travel included)

2 Options

Galactic Shaman Session - 2 hours

A shamans perspective is to SURRENDER AND FEEL the deeper reality which surrounds them. The shamans sensitivity is their strength. I incorporate my 15 years of Healing Modalities & Multi-Dimensional connection. Open session on timing, either in person or remote. Divinely directed, I'll use a combination of all modalities. English / Light Language

$888 · 2 hours

Remote Home / Property Energy Check + Clearing

Service includes remote energy check of home + property.

$444 · 1 hour

Life Review - Download + Updating the Field

Life Review - 2-3 hour Session w/Valerie Elster Akashic Insight + Download + Updating the Field Mix of Akashic Insight + Soul Retrieval Past Soul Incarnation that could be affecting current space/time reality (3D) Zoom session Mini Session - 60-90 minutes

2 Options

Consultation w/Insight / Initial Session

This is an introduction session with Valerie and includes a consultation and a healing session either an Akashic Insight, quantum healing where she will tune into your field.

$444 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Akashic Insight Session - Single Session

We'll go on a Deep Dive into any aspect of your soul's journey, insight with me in the Akashic Records. Identity and release any issue on the physical, emotional or spiritual level Using a combination of Akashic Records, Oracle insight and dimensional updates. English / Light Language Single session - $444 Remote session via Zoom video / recording available 75-90 minutes

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Valerie Elster