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Introductory Call

An introductory call w/Valerie to assess what services you may need and see if we're a fit. No services provided.

Free · 15 minutes

Energy Healer Session - Local to S. Bay only!

Single healing Reiki energy/massage in person. Local Only

$222 · 1 hour

12D Avatar Update - 30 minutes

30 minute session to review/update 12D Avatar Light Body / Etheric Body Session purchase through Sunday October 23rd. Can be used anytime!

2 Options

Consultation w/Insight / Initial Session

This is an introduction session with Valerie and includes a consultation and a healing session either an Akashic Insight, quantum healing where she will tune into your field.

$275 · 1 hour

Akashic Insight Session - Single Session

Deep dive into any aspect of your soul's journey, insight with me in the Akashic Records. Identity and release any issue on the physical, emotional or spiritual level Using a combination of Akashic Records, Oracle insight and dimensional updates. English / Light Language

$444 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Timeline Mapping 1 hour

Ancient Timeline Mapping Sessions If you’re still holding onto energies from one of more of the ancient timelines, it’s time to fully release/surrender into this now moment. Ancient Timeline Mapping includes: *Decoding multiple timelines including a possible mix of Akashic insight & Healing/update / light language. Use the Booking Calendar your Mapping Session! 1 hour $555

2 Options

Valerie Elster