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Valerie Elster, RMT, Akashic Field Therapy, Gem/Flower Essence Practitioner, Matrix Energetics, Galactic Shaman. Since 2004, Valerie has shared her expertise in various modalities to facilitate a person's optimal healing and life alignment in the areas of metaphysics, the healing arts, energy medicine, the Akashic Records and Gem/Flower Essences. Her training includes Reiki (Master Teacher), Akashic Field Therapy (Worldwide Trainer), Matrix Energetics (Level 2) and Star Essence Practitioner.
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Our Services

Introductory Call
An introductory call w/Valerie to assess what services you may need and see if we're a fit. No services provided.
Akashic Insight Session - Single Session
Deep dive into any aspect of your soul's journey, insight with me in the Akashic Records. Identity and release any issue on the physical, emotional or sprirital level *Single session - $377 *2 sessions - $700 *3 sessions - $999 Using a combination of Akashic Records, Oracle insight and dimensional updates. English / Light Language
Akashic Insight - Couples Session -
Session for a couple, accessing both records
Timeline Mapping
Ancient Timeline Mapping Sessions If you’re still holding onto energies from one of more of the ancient timelines, it’s time to fully release/surrender into this now moment. Ancient Timeline Mapping includes: *Decoding multiple timelines including a possible mix of Akashic insight & Healing/update / light language. Use the Booking Calendar your Mapping Session! Approx. 2 hours via Zoom $555
Akashic Insight 2 sessions
*2 sessions - $700
Akashic Insight - 3 sessions
*3 sessions - $999
Consultation w/Insight / Initial Session
This is an introduction session with Valerie and includes a consultation and a healing session either an Akashic Insight, quantum healing where she will tune into your field.
Akashic Insight or Soul Retrieval - Shamanic Session
Soul Retrieval (or Missing Bit) in Akashic Field Therapy is when a piece of your soul fragments from a traumatic time in your life, and the purpose of a Soul Retrieval is too reunite the missing bit. I’ve had dramatic results by combining soul retrieval with Akashic Field Therapy method in these visionary sessions for healing emotional and physical illness. Sessions can be done in person or via Skype. Reach out if this resonates!! Blessings

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Valerie Elster