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Mobile Traditional Crown (Men's Cut)

Men's Cut

$100 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Mobile Premium Blowout

Hair washed and hairstylist will blowout your hair and style with hot tool (one by pass).

$125 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Mobile SOTCFTG (Silk Press)

Smooth Out The Curls For The Girls = Blown Out and Two Presses

$150 · 2 hours 15 minutes

Mobile Shampoo/Conditioning Treatment

Shampoo and a conditioning treatment. This is a add on service.

$20 · 25 minutes

Mobile Updo

Special Occasion Hairstyle = Bridal Hairstyle, editorial hairstyle,

$200 · 3 hours

Mobile Color Consultation

We must converse before scheduling a hair appointment. Please be prepared to send a picture of your hair in natural lighting and a picture of how you would like you hair to look after the color process. If you decide to move forward with your appointment your consultation fee will be subtracted from your service fee. If you would just like some advice on a mistake you've created at home. I can give you some steps to follow and prepare your hair for a bright future

$15 · 20 minutes

Mobile Repair My Hair Treatment

This is add on service. If you hair is heat or chemically damaged (severe breakage) this treatment is a must.

$50 · 1 hour

Mobile Commute Rush Hour Fee

This will be added to you service if there will be traffic. The night before I will add your location to my GPS. This will then tell me how much traffic to expect and I will contact you and know about the additional fee. If you live far, I will contact you and we will discuss the commuters fee.

$15 · 30 minutes

Traditional Polished Crown Men's Cut

Men's Cut

$50 · 1 hour

Mobile Partial Highlights

Price: $185.00+ This service includes 12 to 16 foils, toner and a styles. Please be sure to send a photo of how you hair looks in it's current state and how you would like it to look after (240-244-9828). In the notes section add as much details about you hair as possible. If I have any questions or concerns I will contact you at my earliest convenience.

3 hours 30 minutes

Intensive Hydration Treatment

Treatment applied to hair and placed under hydration machine. This service helps with promoting growth and repairing damaged hair. 30 mins

$35 · 30 minutes

Partial Highlights & Premium Blowout $150 and up

This service consist of 12 to 20 foils in the crown and hairline region of the head. A toner and premium blowout (silk press +$30.00) is included with this service.

3 hours 30 minutes

Full Highlights & Premium Blowout $200 and up

If you want dimension all throughout the head, this service is for you. You will receive highlights all over and toned to your desired color. A premium blowout is included and for a silk press it will be an additional $30.00.

4 hours

Custom Balayage $300 and up

This service is combined with different techniques to achieve a seamless grow out. You won't have to be in the salon every month and it looks super natural. Toner and premium blowout is included with this service (Silk Press +35.00).

4 hours

Keratin Treatment $350.00- $500.00

Virgin application starts at $350.00-$500.00. Send a picture of you hair in its natural state and specify what type of keratin treatment you would like to receive. Your hair will also be styled at the end of your service.

4 hours 30 minutes

Dusting/ Trim

This service is to maintain your ends in between haircuts. I will go in and cut a quarter inch of your ends off the base. Layering, hair shaft and fringe cutting is not included.

$25 · 15 minutes

Smooth Out The Curls For The Girls (Silk Press)

Shampoo and Conditioning Treatment, Blowout, Two Passes With The Flat Iron, Style. $75.00- Short- Pixie Cut/Bob $85.00- Medium- Base Of The Neck to Shoulders $95.00- Long- Shoulder to Elbow Prices may vary for extra long hair. This service does not include the intensive treatment/hydration machine. To make sure you receive an accurate quote, please send a picture of you natural. If you have any questions or concerns, text or call 240-244-9828.

2 hours 15 minutes

Premium Blowout $45.00-$65.00

With every Premium Blowouts I ensure that a heat protectant is used. I also ensure that the hair is completely dried before using a hot tool. This not only prevents heat damage but also ensures that your Premium Blowout will last longer than your average blowout. With following these proper steps this is how I have been able to maintain my claim to fame BLOWOUT QUEEN! $45.00- Short- Pixie Cut/Bob $55.00- Medium- Base Of The Neck to Shoulders $65.00- Long- Shoulder to Elbow +15.00 If extensions are present. Additional $25.00 for install of extensions. ENIGMATIC~ A customized blowout to compliment your features and will also last a few days. Naturally Imperfect~ Waves and curls that had a rough night. Congratulations~ Spiral Curls that will turn heads. Beach Hair Makes Em Stare~ Relaxed waves with a few straight pieces that will give you that California Vibe.Turn The Volume Up~ A boost at the roots, with a natural bend at the end. Straight To The Point~ A smooth blowout completed with a light passing of a flat iron Prices may vary for extra long hair. If you have any questions or concerns, send picture of you hair to 240-244-9828.

1 hour 15 minutes

Color Retouch $95.00+

Color application on new growth (1.5 inches).

30 minutes

Virgin Color Application

One color applied all over the head. Premium Blowout

$115 · 2 hours

Wedding Trial

I will style you hair as if it was your wedding day. Please bring all accessories and inspirational photos. All services require a 25% deposit to secure your appointment. If you have any questions or concerns, send a text message to 240-244-9828. Price Range $100.00-$150.00

30 minutes


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