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For over a decade Dr. Ashanti Odom-Pitts has helped business owners and entrepreneurs triple their revenue by helping them to ignite their brand awareness, improve customer retention and silence their customer’s pain points. This will be a phenomenal opportunity for you to go from conception to completion by having an expert who has done it for so many corporations and individuals over and over again!
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Our Services

Discovery Call
Do you need help moving past the glass ceiling in your life and business? Do you need to know how to increase your brand awareness? Do you need to know how to triple your income? This consultation call will uncover your blindspots and help you find the right program to succeed!
Mentorship Discount Program
Monthly Discount Mentorship Discovery Session Business Blueprint Business Mapping Strategy Live Q & A monthly Ebook Manual on how to go from conception to completion Support Group Monthly Group Coaching Guest Experts in areas of massive expansion Solidify and dominate your lane
Deep Dive Consultation
Dr. Ashanti Odom-Pitts has been personally mentored and trained by the top motivational speaker in the world Dr. Eric Thomas. In this Consultation you will receive an in-depth insight of why it is difficult for you to complete tasks, why in certain situations your emotions control your outcomes and how you respond, and lastly how your behavior will create an atmosphere of success of where you will win over and over again. -Deep Dive Assessment -Uncover blind spots in your personal life and business -Receive strategies that will keep you from making the same mistakes
Credit Guru Consultation
Dr. Ashanti Odom-Pitts is a board certified credit consultant who delivers amazing results. If you are ready to search for your dream home, luxury vehicle or need help getting approved for a business loan schedule a free consultation that will provide you with a blueprint to start seeing approval results immediately. -Stop getting denied due to bad credit -Get approved for loans starting at 50k and up -Learn how to leverage your credit to build wealth -Live in a neighborhood with the best schools for your children -Create legacy wealth by using credit to buy properties
Initial Consultation
If you have already started a business, and have reached a plateau this service would be great for you. - a strategy session designed to help you jump-start your business -offers you an in-depth guide to be able to create immediate income -provides clarity business mapping instructions Bonus -Business Budgeting Foundation
Personal Coaching
Triple your success through 1 on 1 coaching with #1 Kingdom Entrepreneur Strategist , Dr. Ashanti Odom-Pitts providing you with: Monthly coaching Deep dive assessment into your business and your processes A realistic blueprint on income generating activities Resources for funding from investors Thorough assessment of your financial portfolio Strategic marketing plan and strategy
Speaker Proposal Request
If you are hosting an event, workshop, or conference and would like to book Dr. Ashanti Odom-Pitts please select this option.

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