Anesha Roshon

Massages by Anesha aren’t meant to only address your physical needs but to also improve your mental wellness. I desire to help you learn to trust and overcome past trauma that’s being held in your body; this allows you to experience peace beyond the massage table. Massages are typically a combination of Swedish massage, Deep Tissue and Assisted Stretching but can be customized to fit your needs.

All massages are mobile which means, they are held at your location. Please be mindful of the amount of space that is needed to provide a massage. If you are unsure if your location will have enough space, please contact me before booking a massage session.

After a massage session is requested via the “Book Your Session” button below, I will call you to have an over-the-phone consultation and approve or deny the appointment. A deposit (50% of the session fee) must be received to complete the booking.
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