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Skin Care by Alison, located in Santa Rosa, California. Providing skin care & hair removal services to give you healthy, radiant skin at every age. No frou-frou facials here; this is skin care with your goals in mind so you can put your best face forward.

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Our Services

Customized Facial, 60-minutes
Whether you’re looking to maintain a youthful glow, have unwanted acne (but really, who wants acne?) or are simply looking for another way to relax – we have a treatment for everyone. We’ll begin with a consultation to determine your goals, do an in-depth skin and lifestyle analysis and perform your initial facial treatment. When that’s all said and done, we’ll outline our plan of action! Ask us about package pricing!
Clear Skin Facial (Acne Treatment)
Perfect for adults and teens. My Customized Facial with the added boost of high frequency, LED light therapy or a chemical peel. I focus on calming your skin and clearing your acne as quickly as possible using non-invasive techniques and at a pace where you skin doesn’t overreact with even more breakouts. If you are under 18, please review my policy on Minors before scheduling your appointment. Buy 5, get 1 free, $625 or join my Clear Skin Program.
Clear Skin Program - Appointment #1
Have you tried everything & still have acne? Then it’s time to bring in an expert. With the Clear Skin Program you get 8 Clear Skin Acne Facials (1-hour each), a complete home care kit (retail value $401) and me as a coach. Total: $990 Full cost of the program is due at your first appointment. If you are unhappy at any point you will be refunded the balance of your remaining treatments. Cancellation policy applies; $125 cancellation fee if you cancel with less than 24-hour notice.
LEDefining Healthy Aging Facial
Not quite ready for Dr.'s Nip & Tuck? Revive and brighten dull, tired skin, soften the look of wrinkles and brighten the eyes. The use of an LED mask triggers collagen production and helps even out skin tone. Prepay any five treatments and the sixth is free, $625
Sensitive Skin Facial
Does everything you put on your face make it red and irritated? Then your skin needs a little TLC in the form of calming, soothing and healing. This facial is gentle helps to calm reactive skin. Green LED light is used and is a non-invasive way to boost healing.
Relaxing Scalp Massage
Having trouble stopping the internal chatter? Designed to calm your mind & soothe your nervous system this massage increases blood flow which oxygenates and nourishes your scalp and releases tension held in the neck and shoulders.
Revitalizing Eye Massage (recommended as an add-on)
Concerned with puffiness, dark circles, lines or winkles? The Revitalizing Eye Massage is a deeply relaxing and soothing massage around your eyes. It stimulates blood flow to the area helping to plump up the tissues reducing fine superficial lines, increases oxygen and nourishes the area. Muscles are stretched to relax and reduce the look and depth of wrinkles; it improves tone, texture and visual appearance.
Foot treatment (recommended as an add on)
Show those tootsies some love, after all, they carry you day in and day out! We start off with a glycolic and fruit acid cleanse to eat away dead skin then an ultra nourishing lotion is massaged in and heated booties* are the cherry on top! Your feet will look & feel fabulous! *If you overheat easily say the word and the heated booties are history.
Body: Detoxifying Body Wrap
This compression wrap brings circulation to areas that have a buildup of waste and need more stimulation. This service detixifies the body which can lead to inches lost. You must avoid caffeine, alcohol and heavy meals before and after this treatment. Depending upon where you carry your weight, we may be contouring the belly and waist or hips, buttocks and thighs. This treatment is best done in a series.
Body: Baby Got Back Treatment
Let your stress melt away and look good coming and going with this “facial” for your back. Experience deep relaxation while your back is cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated. Ask us about package pricing!
Product Pick-Up (15 minutes)
Hi folks! This is your way to know for sure that the door will be open for you when you come by to pick-up your products. You can list the items in the notes when you book or we can chat about it when you arrive.
Waxing: Eyebrow Shaping
First time waxing eyebrows.
Waxing: Eyebrow Maintenance
Follow-up eyebrow waxing for monthly maintenance of the shape of your brows.
Waxing: Lip
The skin above your upper & lower lips is waxed.
Waxing: Chin
Waxing on chin
Waxing: Face
The Face Wax consists of brows, lip and chin waxing.
Waxing: Under Arms
Under arm hair is removed. $25-$35 (typically your first wax is $35 as it may take extra time, monthly maintenance is typically $25)
Waxing: Nostrils
Wax is applied on the outside of the nostril to get the "surface" hairs.
Waxing: Ears
Hair around the outside of the ear and on the tragus.
Waxing: Chest
Chest is waxed, recommend combining with waxing your back. $45-$65
Waxing: Back
Back and tops of shoulders are waxed. $45-$65
Waxing: Bikini
The bikini area is waxed. Note - this is not a Brazilian. $45-$55 Note: If you are prone to ingrown hairs, check out the Credential Cleanse under Body treatments.
Removal of all pubic hair front and back. If you want to keep a landing strip, let me know before I begin. You must arrive clean. $75-$90 Note: If you are prone to ingrown hairs, check out the Credential Cleanse under Body treatments.
Waxing: Tush
Recommended to be done along with your bikini wax. $35-$55
Waxing: Legs, half
Lower half of legs are waxed as are feet and toes if necessary. $45-$55
Waxing: Legs, full
Entire length of legs are waxed along with feet and toes if necessary $65-$85
Waxing: Sideburns
Sideburns facial waxing.

Our Staff

Alison Phillips
Licensed since 2009, owner Alison Phillips, is passionate about skin care, photography and hiking with her rescue dog, Rusty. Alison’s goal for every client is healthy, balanced skin. She aids you in achieving this by using and providing products containing active botanicals and minerals, remaining current in her education & techniques and providing you with home care support. Education is the key to understanding your skin. Skin Care Treatments, Waxing, and Professional Home Care Products are not a luxury. They are a way of life for anyone who wants to look and feel their best at every age. Whatever your goal, there is a way to achieve it within the parameters of your time, lifestyle and budget. So, whether you are looking for relaxation, a corrective treatment, or to maintain balance in your skin, you are in good hands.