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Bangs cut

Please call to salon

$25-30 · 15 minutes

Deep conditioner with blow out

1 hour

Hair cut / JUNYA

Owner Day off on Tuesday December 25.26.31 January 1.2.3

1 hour

Hair cut / KUMI

Manager Day off Monday Wednesday December 23.25.31 January 1.2

1 hour

Single color and Hair cut

2 hours

Double color

please book from our website

4 hours

Double color and hair cut

Call us · 4 hours

Deep conditioner and Hair cut

1 hour

Hair perm

2 hours

Wash and blow out

1 hour

Straightening perm

3 hours

Hair cut

1 hour

Digital perm

Free · 3 hours

Hair cut/YUKARI

Day off December 24th until January 2nd

1 hour

Hair cut/CHIKA

Day off December January

1 hour

Roots color

2 hours

Root color and hair cut/bang cut

2 hours

Single hair color

2 hours

Highlight color

Please let us know if you do specific color like blue,pink,green

Call Us · 3 hours






Kumi Hosoda


Yukari Shirakawa