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Our Services

Nails - Pedicure w. Gel Polish
Nails - Acrylic/Gel Enhancement w. Gel Polish
3-1 Ratio, this product is a neurotoxin for relaxing muscle.
A refreshing Facial is a good "pick me up". We have many to choose from. One will be suggested depending on skin type ect.
Signature Facial
This is more than a regular Facial. The products are from France. Made to exfoliate, rejuvenate, and moisturize, this will do the trick. It is at it's peek 10 days after.
This procedure removes layers of dead skin. It can be gentle or aggressive depending on preference. Often, done in combination with a light peel!
Body FX
Radio Frequency Body fat reduction. This treatment is done with a laser and heat. We maintain a treatment area at 43 degrees C. for a period of time while applying radio frequency energy that damages the fat cell. A small amount of tightening happens as well.
Mini FX
This treatment is like the Body FX, however meant for a smaller area. The double chin or back bra fat.
Forma Plus Skin Tightening
This treatment is to help eliminate unwanted cellulite or laxity in the skin. The area is treated with heat to stimulat collagen production and tightening.
This is an Intense Pulsed Light that draws out unwanted pigment in the skin. It softens texture, evens out tone and helps clear acne.
This procedure is done with a pen like tool that has 10-11 small needles on the tip. After applying numbing cream, the tip is applied and moved over the area creating small openings in the skin. This stimulates collagen and exfoliation with minimal down time.
Micro Needling with PRP
We apply numbing cream to the area, draw a small amount of blood, spin the blood, taking only the platelets and plasma. This is infused into the skin allowing 5 times the heeling potential. Skin look and feels younger!
Dermal Fillers
This treatment is done to replace volume loss. We have several types of Dermal fillers, depending on the area to be treated. This creates a more youthful look!
This procedure exfoliates the epidermis of the skin while sitmulating collagen and elastin. It will help with uneven pigment an texture, along with acne. Some flaking or peeling is expected. A great way to remove the summer damage!
Teeth Whitening
Brighten you smile! Teeth whitening is safe and effective for removing old stains. Our products do not thin enamel or cause pain. 20 minutes for a quick touch up or 60 minutes for a more effective treatment.
This service is to check on progression of any service that has been recently done.
This service provides exceptional exfoliation along with removing the fine thin facial hair that lasers will not get rid of. It is very relaxing and provides a perfect oppertunity to rest, relax and enjoy!!
PDO Threads
Need a little lift! PDO threads are a great way to add lift to your brow, cheek, and jaw line. This procedure is very quick with little to no down time. Come in for a free consult!
Nails - Yumi Pedicure (Callus Remover)
Designed to get rid of calluses in just 15-25 minutes, Yumi Feet’s De Si Jolis Pieds treatment provides a simple, effective and cost-effective solution for calluses that can be used by all beauty professionals. With immediate results, this revolutionary product, 100% developed and made in France, meets very strict quality standards, enabling it to secure the loyalty of its customers.
Nails - Manicure w. Gel Polish
Nails - Kid’s Manicure w. Gel Polish
Nails - Dip w. Gel Polish
Nails - Dip Removal
Spray Tan (Full Body
Spray Tan (Half Body)

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