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Our services are designed to refine, heal and nurture. With each appointment, you’ll gain a little bit more natural balance to urge you along the path to holistic grace. Your glow comes from within—we just help you see it!
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Our Services

Good as Gold Facelift + Massage
Ancient Japanese ritual meets modern luxury. We target- massage the neck, shoulders, chest, head, scalp and feet—facilitating manual lymphatic drainage. Excellent for allergy/sinus relief stress headaches TMJ, post-op swelling and energy boost. 60 / 90 / 120 minutes $105 / $135 / $165
Good as gold package of 3/60min
Save $50 on this must have series
Good as gold package of 6/60 min
Save $70 with this essential 6 pack In addition to the savings Rock beauty will include hyaluronic eye pads with each session (120 value)
Good as Gold Facelift + Massage
90 min
Good as gold package of 3/90min
Save $60 instantly with this series
Good as gold package of 6/90min
This ultimate package saves $80 Rock beauty includes brow shaping and hyaluronic eye pads with each session
Good as Gold Facelift + Massage
This is the ultimate and most luxurious experience at Rock Beauty. This 2 hour facial packs a huge punch with enough time to melt into tranquil deep relaxation. This session includes RBs traditional facial with the added hydrating arm foot and lower leg massage....
Sapling Skin Care 101: Tween / Teen Facial
Self-care is an important habit at any age! This is personalized skin care for the younger, greener set. After a thorough skin analysis, we’ll address concerns and future goals. We’ll then create a fun, healthy regimen to fit in between all the homework, lessons and team practices. At Rock Beauty, teens rock! 60minutes / $85
Jade Stone Clearing Treatment
Sometimes our face experiences its own little “traffic jam.” But it’s no match for our targeted acne facial, specially developed to get things moving again. We combine deep-pore impurity extraction and bacteria elimination to throw a one-two punch at irritation and inflammation. Top it all off with a clarifying, oil-absorbing clay mask, cooling jade & Gua Sha stone massage and you’ll be giving congestion the boot! 60 minutes / $95
UltraSonic Cleansing & Clearing
This facial is specially designed for the client who hates traditional extractions. This clearing facial uses a handheld device that vibrates and oscillates oil and debris out of the pores leaving skin smooth and black head free.
Gents’ Grape Seed Scrub
Men’s skin needs love, too. Say sayonara to razor bumps and other skin conditions unique to male skin. Let your “Dapper Dan” shine through after a gentle grape seed scrub followed by a vitamin C peel, and don’t be surprised if you turn a few more heads than usual after a stop in to Rock Beauty. 60 minutes / $95
Little Rockstars
You don’t need a special occasion to spend the day with your precious little gem. This mommy & me or daddy & me spa date is the perfect excuse for lots of bonding and lots of beautifying. Includes one 60 min and one 30 min facial. Customized treatments available upon request. Complimentary Skin Analysis Available.
Rocking Regulars
For the client who maintains every 6-9 weeks
Vitamin C Peel
It’s like a glass of fresh OJ in the warm summer sun...only for your face. This non-invasive, non- irritating treatment uses Vitamin C to smooth and tone even the most problematic skin. It lifts, tones and firms the skin while combating the effects of harsh environmental aggressors. Perfect for any skin type. 60 / 90 minutes $105 / $120
Earthy Green Peel
Herbs are yummy in tea, but hard-working on skin. This unique microdermabrasion utilizes a special combination of Chinese herbs, manually pushing the particles into skin and speeding up the exfoliation process. It comes in 3 levels of intensity, which will be personally determined for you by our skin analysis. Bring some herby goodness to the table to combat hyperpigmentation, congested skin, and more! Mini-Peel: $125 / Energy Peel: $225 / Classic Peel: $350
Post Green Peel Facial
Glycolic Smoothing Treatment
Out with the old, in with the new. Get back to bedrock with this safe facial known for its seriously amazing results. Sometimes you need to pull out the big guns if you want a big burst of instant radiance! Great for thicker, oily skin types or for treating acne and wrinkles. When a product does all this, PLUS tightens pores and removes blackheads, it’s no wonder it’s a tried-and-true favorite. Best in series. Single: 60 minutes / $110 Series of 3: (every 2-3 weeks) $270
Crystal Clear Back Facial
Going on vacation? Or just want to look your absolute best? Go back. Waaaayyy back, and get your beautiful back back! Often ignored, the skin on your back is prone to its own set of challenges. This treatment is great for men or women. We use deep-pore cleansing and steam treatment to lift impurities. We then follow with gentle extractions, a hot/cold rock massage, and a mud mask. 40minutes / $60
Nature’s Touch Acupressure
A gentle pressure is sometimes all that’s needed to bring relief for sinus or chronic pressure trapped in the facial points. Reduce the stress that causes headaches and tame tension in the neck and shoulders. That’s an add-on worth its 20 minutes in gold!
Rock’n’Roll and Go
Your lunch break has never had so much potential. Watch us work in double time to deliver a slam-packed, targeted treatment. Best for a returning client or specific concern, this option will have you spiffed up and on your way in a jiff. 30minutes / $50
River Rock Foot Massage
Deep penetrating hot stone therapy and trigger point Japanese massage help release stress in areas of the feet that cause pain and discomfort.
Starry-Eyed Surprise
Hyaluronic eye pads prepare the delicate skin around the eyes, and allow a specialized eye mask to penetrate and nourish the area. Depuff for skin that is fresh, revitalized, and pumped full of anti-aging, anti-wrinkle goodness.
Bikini package
Buy 5 get one free
Bikini package
Buy 5 get 1 free No other coupon combined
Full bikini
Full bikini Package
Buy 5 all at once get your 6th free! Usually $70 With package each Brazilian is $58!
Brow shape
Lip and brow combo
Brow & Bikini
Lip sugar
Chin sugar
Full face
Chin cheeks lip and brow
Tectonic Tinting: Lashes and Brows
Some call it a game-changer. Your future self will thank you for the simple act of tinting your lashes and brows. These are the small but important details that will keep you looking your best, and positively put-together—even when the alarm clock tries to ruin your day. Lashes: $25 / Brow $25 / Combo $40 / Hollywood Eyes includes brow shape, lash and brow tint $55
Tectonic Tinting Lashes only
Brow tint only
50 % off
50% off deal
LED light nap 💤
Rejuvenate treat acne and decrease inflammation with blue red and near infrared phototherapy 1 device 3 applications •acne •wrinkles •pain Add on $35 6 for 175 (get one free) 12 for 350 (get 2 free)
Hollywood Eye treatment
This treatment includes all the client favorites of brow shaping, brow & lash tinting with hyaluronic hydrating application

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