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Our Services

Coffee Enema + Colonic
Coffee Enema & Colon Hydrotherapy Session
Coffee Enema add-on
Colonic Winter 2020 Promo
Take advantage of this limited time savings! One regularly priced Colonic for $50 — If you’ve been curious about trying a session or if you’re a returning client - You want to take advantage of this deal. It’s also a great gift idea to gently nudge a loved one who struggles with digestive issues toward a gentle but effective treatment.
Package of 6 Colonic Sessions
Colon Hydrotherapy - First Visit
Initial visit to Barrie Digestive Clinic for colon hydrotherapy treatment.
Colonics - Package Purchased - follow up
Already purchased a package of colon hydrotherapy sessions and booking a follow up.
Colon Hydrotherapy
Single Session
Package of 3 Colonics
Aloe Implant + Colonic
Bentonite Clay + Colonic
Chlorophyll Implant + Colonic
Reflexology (60 min)
60 minute Reflexology treatment
Reflexology with Essential Oils (60 min)
60 minute Reflexology treatment using custom selected essential oils
Reflexology (30 min)
30 minutes Reflexology treatment
Reflexology with Essential Oils (30 min)
30 minute Reflexology treatment with customized essential oils
Holistic Nutrition - Initial Appointment
Initial session - Intake information - Discuss Goals - Choose Strategy
6- Pack Winter 2020 PROMO
Save $150 off regularly priced colon hydrotherapy sessions. Purchase a package of 6 sessions — a perfect start to revitalizing your health and improving your digestion!
Probiotic Implant + Colonic
Implant add-on

Our Staff

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