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Agent Meeting

Review of eXp and options available.

Free · 1 hour

Agent Training

Coaching on business focused activities and systems.

Free · 2 hours

Buyer’s Appointment

1st appointment to access needs and review options.

Free · 30 minutes

Buyer's Home Inspection

Attendance at a home inspection prior to closing.

Free · 3 hours

Buyer's Home Showing

View homes of interest

Free · 1 hour

Health Training Class

Presentation for groups of 5 or more individuals.

Free · 2 hours

Home Health Assessment

Walk thru and review of home to assess impact on health and ways to improve environment.

Free · 1 hour

Seller’s Appointment

1st meeting to assess needs and service options

Free · 30 minutes

Seller’s Follow-Up

Review of sales process, next steps, and changes needed

Free · 30 minutes

Staging Assessment

Walk thru and review of space to be staged

Free · 1 hour

Vocal Performance

Call Us · 3 hours


Michelle Bodine