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This 30 minute session is designed for clarity focus and alignment for your goals and actions. Take a break. Rest your mind. Refresh

$50 · 30 minutes

Emotional Clearing

Emotions are a powerful indicator of where you are giving away energy and power. This session will release free and clear your energy giving you freedom and gaining power

$100 · 50 minutes

Lifestyle Session

Focus your time and energy towards the new and let go of the old. Create a plan of action and implement.

$100 · 55 minutes

Phone consultation

Let's get to know each other. You can learn more about me and let's see if we're a good fit to work together towards your Health and Well Being goals.

Call Us · 30 minutes

Strategy Session

Let me understand where you're at with your overall well being and where you want to go. Your health is your greatest asset in life. Holding yourself accountable means looking at all the ways you can maximize your health through physical mental and emotional well being, and having the support to help you stay your course.

Free · 1 hour

Monica Heiz