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Seattle Boat Share is simple, yet all of our options may leave you confused. The purpose of this call is to answer any questions you may still have. This is not a sales call; it is just the information you need. For the differences of the pass options, please watch the video first!

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Private lesson.

On the dock, on the water. The basics covered. An hour and a half with an instructor for up to two students.. Starting on the dock and getting you out on the water behind the wheel, we cover safety issues and equipment, basic operation including docking, knots you should use, and even a little boating etiquette. Most of all, how to keep it fun while staying safe. ***** With Covid policies, please keep in mind that "up to 2 students" should include only same-household members, We have changed our format a bit for distancing, yet still cover all the basics,******

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James Lowry