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Subconscious Imprinting Technique (Virtual) *prices changing Jan 1 2021

Choose this if you've already had an initial session Distance SIT via Zoom-Must have a Zoom in order to have a session- Must have a quiet undisturbed space for session- Headphones are ideal You will be provided in YOUR REMINDER email a Zoom link Session description same as with Initial

$150 $150 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Initial Subconscious Imprinting Session (Virtual) * prices changing Jan 1 2021

Please choose INITIAL session if this is your first time, this allows me to send you a waiver and intake form to fill out prior to your session. Distance SIT via Zoom- Must have Zoom in order to have session- Headphones are ideal- A quiet space where you won't be disturbed ⁣ You will be provided in YOUR REMINDER email a Zoom link ⁣ ⁣ Session Description: ⁣ How a session goes is you would come in with your reason for that day, so whatever you want to work on. It can be mental, emotional, physical...anything. From there we reframe your reason so we know how you want to feel after the session, so if the reason makes you feel xyz how would you like to feel.⁣ From there I do muscle testing, it's here that we can determine which organs (in SIT we use the TCM meridian organs) are holding what emotions, if they're even yours and if there's an original event. I would then share with you the findings and you'd go into your memory bank and we work with whatever comes up for you.⁣ This is not therapy, counselling or anything like that, this is a teaching on how to see different perspectives of your own life so you can recognize patterns and start to reprogram your own subconscious so life can be with more ease. When I ask you what memorie(s) come up you are under no obligation to share nor will I pry. ⁣ After the muscle testing we go into what's called the "Reprogramming" stage, and it's here that we do repeat after me statements. There are a lot of forgiveness statements and acknowledging of emotions. Then we go into the "Restore" stage which is still repeat after me but it's here that we insert what I like to call "the good stuff". When you're doing all the forgiveness statements and such it creates an empty space, so it needs to be filled otherwise all that garbage that was just removed will find its way back in. ⁣ The first session or two can be heavy, so just heads up. It's like if you were to clean a fish tank after neglecting it for months, the stuff that comes up is gross and smelly and you really would rather not deal with it but you do and in the end your fish are much happier ;) Same same for you and your body, stuff can come up, and it might be uncomfortable but if you address it and do the work to heal through things.⁣ ⁣ Due to the nature of this work I recommend booking 2-4 sessions so that your healing journey can have a nice flow to it. We book those after your first session so don't worry about doing it here now. And best case you don't need all 4 sessions and if you do they're ready to go. The sessions are 2-5 weeks apart so the course of the 4 sessions is usually 3 or so months.⁣ Thank you so much for choosing to heal and having the courage to do so, I look forward to working with you

150 $150 · 1 hour 30 minutes


Ashley Valliere