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Our Services

Cryo Facial
New Client Whole Body
1st whole body session at our office!
5 Pack Frotox
3 settings: Facial, pain management, and anti-aging
Unlimited monthly localized
10 pack Fat Freezing
Unlimited infrared sauna
BUY3GET1 Frotox
BUY4GET2 Frotox
BUY5GET3 Frotox
Frotox + Celluma
1 Whole Body Cryotherapy Session
One standard 3 minute Cryotherapy session
Whole Body Cryotherapy 4 package
4 whole body cryotherapy sessions + 1 15 minute NormaTec session Expires after 2 months
Whole Body Cryotherapy 8 package
8 Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions + 2 free 15 minute NormaTec sessions.
Unlimited Monthly Cryotherapy
Unlimited Whole Body Cryotherapy Monthly Month to Month with 30 day cancellation notice
Compression Massage
15 minutes in Leg or Hip NormaTec recovery
Kaasen Fat Freeze
Localized Cryotherapy
5 minute session on targeted area of the body. Best results when paired with a whole body cryotherapy session.
1 WBC + 1 Localized Cryotherapy
One whole body session followed by a localized are for targeted relief.
Kaasen fat freeze 3 pack
Kaasan fat freeze 5 pack
New Client 2 Whole Body Cryotherapy
2 Whole Body Cryotherapy Sessions for new clients.
Dog Cryo

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