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Self Service Dog Wash - First Dog

During the COVID-19 - To keep everyone as safe and comfortable as we can, we have to REQUIRE you to wear a mask while grooming. Because we are on an Appointment Only basis right now, time in the bay for the First Dog is limited during this service to 35 mins. We will be sanitizing before and after you enter the bay. Utilize our bay's (for small or large dogs) with a fresh supply of temperature controlled water, Earth Bath Natural shampoo's and spritzers, aprons to keep you dry, clean towels, brushes & combs, nail clippers and even a high velocity professional grooming dryer.

$12 · 35 minutes

Self Service Dog Wash - Additional Dog

Can ONLY be added to a Self Service First Dog. This allows you an additional 15 minutes and resources for an additional dog.

$6 · 15 minutes


Self Service Station (Left)


Self Service Station (Right)