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Standard facial customized to your skin concerns. A cleansing followed by a light exfoliation followed by extractions. A hydrating serum is infused through the skin then a moisturizing mask finishes the treatment leaving your skin clean, bouncy and glowing. * Option to add peel, LED/microcurrent lift, or dermaplaning exfoliation to your treatment. ** **appointments with Sofie have a $50 add on charge For all skin types

$140 · 1 hour


GLASSY DEWY SKIN coming right up! Focusing on the Korean concept of “COATING”, we first cleanse your skin, do a light liquid exfoliation infuse it with massive amounts of oxygen 💨💨💨 next we TRIPLE MASK you under the LED hood, you marinate in these three masks while we mist you from above with even more oxygen and near infrared therapy. Skin is left bouncy soft and with a natural highlight that can’t be imitated. * suitable for all skin types ** **appointments with Sofie have a $50 add on charge

$245 · 1 hour


We are so excited to be a certified acne specialist center with the Face Reality skincare protocol. Tried medication and youre still breaking out? confused about what products to be using to treat your acne? We treat the cause of your problematic skin and not just the effect. For more information regarding our acne program email

1 hour


Stuck in a rut with your at home protocol? need skincare advice and don't know where to start? our online virtual consults with Sofie cover at home product routines, your particular skin concerns and how we can tweak everything to get you to where you want to be. We can even ship out products. Consults last anywhere from 30-45 mins and we are available via email for any follow up questions in the weeks ahead.

$100 · 45 minutes


Centered around deep pore cleaning and exfoliation. A deep cleansing is followed by steaming to soften blocked pores and follicles. Extractions are performed then an electric high frequency tool is used with our acne solution to kill all infection and bacteria lingering on the skin to minimize further breakouts/soothe redness in the skin. A calming mask is applied at the end of treatment to reveal a clearer, brighter complexion. * Option to add peel, LED/microcurrent lift, or dermaplaning exfoliation to your treatment. **appointments with Sofie have a $50 add on charge

$140 · 1 hour


Focusing on brightening the skin, lightening pigmentation, and illuminating for a deep glow. A cleansing is followed by steaming to soften blocked pores and follicles. A professional grade AHA peel gently lifts areas of dull skin and pigmentation is lightened. Extractions and vacuum releases congestion, and VIT C serum further brightens the skin. An additional dose of VIT C comes in the form of a Hydrojelly mask applied at the end of treatment to reveal a clearer, brighter complexion. * For dull, uneven skin. ** appointments with Sofie have a $50 add on charge

$220 · 1 hour


Targeting broken out and acne inflicted faces, this deep cleansing and calming facial focuses on extractions, eliminating surface bacteria and soothing inflammation in the skin. We cleanse, then exfoliate the skin, with extended extraction time followed by a bacteria blasting hydrojelly mask and blue light LED. Skin is left clean, balanced and moisturized. *Option to add Peel subject to provider who will assess your skin at time of appointment* For very congested/ Acne clients.

$220 · 1 hour


A trio treatment of microcurrent, thermal energy and led light therapy. Skin is cleansed and prepped with a light exfoliation and moisture boosting mask before our radio frequency device is passed over the skin. A warming sensation and tingling feeling is felt as the machine lifts, and tightens skin over décolletage, neck and face. For tired, aging skin. * Option to add peel or dermaplaning exfoliation to your treatment * **not recommended for clients who are using or recently used retin-A, Accutane, Differin, Tazorac or Avage. *** appointments with Sofie have a $50 add on charge

$210 · 1 hour


Microneedling as a treatment stimulates collagen production, filling in fine lines, reducing acne scars and enlarged pores and tightening sagging skin. Microscopic needles create minute abrasions on the surface of the face, ‘tricking’ the body into healing itself for faster cell renewal and collagen production. Youthful, glowing skin is revealed in as little as 48 hours. As opposed to micro needling rollers for at home use, Mesotouch microderma pen is an innovative device that delivers dramatic results. Treatment involves deep cleaning the skin and prepping the surface with a nutrient rich stem cell serum. The microderma pen is slowly passed over the skin and then another layer of serum is applied for maximum penetration. * buy three treatments together at a reduced rate of $700*

Starting at $299 · 1 hour


You've experienced the magic that is the rubber setting mask at the end of the facials- welcome the FERRARI OF HYDRATION- Hydrojelly masks are filled with hyaluronic acid and electrolytes to maximize your moisture levels at the end of your treatment. Add on to your facial for an extra shot of hydration.

$20 · 5 minutes


add a professional grade aha/bha peel to any facial treatment. Dramatic results- skin is resurfaced, smooth and clear.

$65 · 5 minutes


add microcurrent to any facial treatment. Benefits include reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improved muscle tone in face, jawline and neck, improved circulation, smoother, firmer looking skin.

$45 · 15 minutes


Are you super congested or have an active breakout area that may need a little more attention? All facials come with vacuum suction and decongesting, but we suggest an additional 15 mins added on for more intensive extractions.

$25 · 15 minutes


LED was initially used as a medical treatment to help heal soft tissues- now its available as a skincare therapy to stimulate collagen and elastin production, repair sun damage, speed up healing of acne and kills bacteria on the surface of skin, depending on what color LED you require. Immediate results include a bouncy, glowing complexion whereas frequent sessions will soften out wrinkles and lines too!

$35 · 15 minutes


Add this effective exfoliation to any facial treatment. Using a scalpel, skin is gently 'shaved'- removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz. Skin is brighter, smoother, and results are immediate. Suitable for all skin types including pregnant women.

$80 · 15 minutes


Our paraffin hand bath is an extraordinary restorative dry skin treatment. The hands are soaked in warm paraffin wax, which has the effect of softening and moisturizing the skin- It’s also great for your nail base and cuticles. When the wax cools, the paraffin is easily removed and reveals perfectly hydrated, soft smooth hands.

$20 · 5 minutes


Oxygen can help to eliminate acne-causing bacteria, as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone, and diminish pores. An amazing add on before an event! A stream of high-pressurized medical grade oxygen infused with botanical, vitamin, mineral, and nutrient extracts is applied to the face and neck- This infusion is absorbed into the skin for a smoother, plumper look, providing a healthy glow. You’re encouraged to breathe in while the dome mask misting pure oxygen over the face is the finishing touch, super relaxing for the skin and internal wellbeing.

$65 · 10 minutes

Allison Miller

Allison is our newest team member here at the studio! Passionate about restorative skincare and treatments, her focus towards anti aging and skin plumping will have your face glowing with results.

Grace Nau

Meet Grace! an LA native, she has lived in NYC for three years. She is drawn to esthetics 'because it's a way that I can do what I love while helping people'. Whether that be by giving them a moment of peace in their busy day, addressing a skin concern, or just connecting and chatting. She loves making clients feel great about their skin and themselves!

Rebecca K

Rebecca is an experienced esthetician who struggled with breakouts- she has an unwavering commitment to improving her clients skin to make it clear and healthy. Rebeccas extractions are legendary! She is also a registered acne specialist here at the studio. Her primary goal is to boost her clients' confidence without the need of make up.

Sofie Pavitt

Sofie Pavitt is rethinking the facial experience for modern women who want to get real about skincare and leave the whispered concerns of past spas behind. A licensed esthetician and certified acne specialist, she helps women reset their skin to tackle concerns ranging from cystic acne to fine lines. Inspired by regular trips to Seoul in her former life as an accessories designer, Pavitt’s practice is grounded in the belief that an honest and open dialogue between client and practitioner, combined with highly personalized professional treatments like microcurrent and LED therapy, can transform a person’s skin. Replacing the typical rain sounds and hushed tones that have become standard in the spa world, Pavitt’s clients are encouraged to ask questions and give feedback throughout the process. Sofie offers a highly personal and intimate experience that empowers each client to have the best skin of their lives.