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Bath & Groom

Make your cat feel, smell, and look better with my standard bath and groom service. This includes a quick bath to degrease your kitty’s fur followed by a bath using a specific shampoo based on your companion’s needs. Ear cleaning, nail clipping, light anal gland expression, a spa facial, thorough brushing, and a final blow out are also included.

6 Options

Lion Cut

Whether your cat needs help beating the summer heat, has serious mats, or just loves the style a lion cut could be just what he or she needs. This service includes everything in the bath and groom package plus a lion cut that will make your cat look and feel great. (Jared The Cat Groomer can’t be held liable for your cats newfound confidence/ mighty meows.)

2 Options

Teddy Bear Cut

Also known as a kitten clip or comb cut, a teddy bear cut will leave your favorite feline friend looking like a stuffed teddy bear. With this package, you get the cut plus everything included in the bath and groom service. This cut is great for any time of year since there is still plenty of fur left after I’m finished.

2 Options

Pelt Removal/ Heavily Matted

If your cat is heavily matted, a pelt removal is what you’re looking for. It is a big job so I block off extra time to make sure your cat gets all the attention they deserve.

$150 · 1 hour 10 minutes

Jared The Cat Groomer