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Energy Reiki Healing

$102 · 1 hour

Emotional Dive & Release Meditation

Using the work of Dr. Joe Dizpenza, we will walk through specific questions to get to the root emotions around pain, illness, overwhelm and more. We will then create the future healthy self, seeing it knowing it and feeling it. Then while you move through the guided mediation to move beyond the self, Marianne will give an energy healing.

$135 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Crystal Reiki Healing

$102 · 1 hour

Amp Coil Add - on

This takes place as an add on during another service. Will last the length of the other service.

$15 · 15 minutes

Crystal Karma Cord Cutting

This is a guided Meditation and Crystal Reiki Session with Archangel Michael. You will be led through the chakras releasing current and past life cords and attachments to things that no longer serve.

$111 · 1 hour

Angelic Reiki

$102 · 1 hour

Shamanic Illumination

From the South American Shamanic teachings, this session helps to release the imprint of emotions, patterns or sicknesses within the energy field of the body.

$102 · 1 hour

Kids Reiki Healing

$51 · 30 minutes

Distance Energy Reiki Healing

$111 · 1 hour

Kids Distance Reiki Healing

$55.50 · 30 minutes

Amp Coil Demo

This is a 45 minute session to discover what the Amp Coil is all about. You will have a 31 minute session on the coil itself.

$44 · 45 minutes

Amp Coil Session with Voice Analysis

$60 · 1 hour

Amp coil series

This is part of a cleanse series that takes place over a 1 month period for an hour to an hour and a half each session.

$252 · 15 minutes

Tarot reading

Call Us · 1 hour 30 minutes

Marianne Schneider